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She walked through the halls. She was beautiful. She had a smile that made me want to slap her. She was amazing. She walked through the hall like it was nothing. I knew thats what i wanted. To have everyone look at me like that. To admire me. I felt the jealousy building in me. But i kept it down. I walked to the classroom and saw her writing. I pictured what her handwriting looked like. I bet it was perfect. I took a deep breathe and walked up to her. "Hi." I said in a slightly timid voice. She looked up at me with searching eyes and it looked like she was anazlying me. For some reason this made me a little bit nervous. . She smiled. "Hi." She said in a light but pretty voice . "I'm Jennifer." I said.  "I'm Janiece." She said flashing a beautiful  smile. . "I know i saw your entrance." "I was like dang." I  said with a slight longing tone  to my  voice. "Thankyou, Maybe Tommorow you can walk in with me." She said. It felt like i just won a million dollars but i knew i had to play it cool.  She smiled. "Okay." I  said. I smiled. "Do you mind if i sit there? . I said not wanting to sound to clingy. "No go ahead."  She said with a smile. I  sat down  i broke the silence. "So what's the story about this place?' She  said. I smiled feeling the strange urge to her aout "Him".  "We'll there is Sem Matthews." I said. I could see in her face that this interested her.  "So who is Sem Matthews?" She  said.  I  blushed a little bit just thinking about him. "We'll he is the guy that every girl dreams about at night." She said. I looked at her. "Oh he's that type hun?" She  said. I nodded. She nodded too and her face looked like she was thinking. I was about to say something else but people started feeling the room. Everyone looked at Janiece and i could see the jealousy and the want in people eyes. That feeling of jealousy overwhelmed again.But i got it under control.  Soonthe room was filled and the teacher came in. He looked at Janiece. She smiled. I saw the want in his eyes. He was young and lets say very hott. He walked to me and Janiece's  table. "Hello you must Janiece Michaels." He said smiling. She nodded. "We'll i must say im very lucky to have you in my class." He said with a wink. She smiled. "All the pleasure is mine." She said in a very seductive voice.  He nodded.I could see him melting right in her arms.  The first bell rang and he looked at her one more time and walked back to the front of the class. I  tapped Janiece  and smiled. "You have everybody hooked."I said giggly.Inside i felt like dirt though. I couldnt believe this girl was only here for not even an hour and everyone was already in love with her.  I  stopped and looked to the front of the class. Janiece turned to see what i wasstaring at. . I looked at her and saw she was stunned.  "Thats Sem?" She  said a little bit too loudly. He looked at her. He flashed a beautiful perfect smile. She  smiled back. Mr. Hottness aka Micks broke the gaze. She  looked down. Sem sat down   "Class we have a new student?" Mr. Micks said. "How about you come up here and introduce yourself?" Mr.Mick said.Janiece nodded and smiled. She walked to the front of the class. Everyone looked at her. All the guys were all smiling. She smiled "I'm Janeice Michaels i moved here from New York City." "I love to sing and i hope one day i will be famous for that." She said with so much confidence. It broke mine even more. "Are you related to Janaila & Ariana Michaels?" Jeremy shouted. "No, Sorry." She  said. "Will you sing for us?" I heard someone say. I nodded and looked at Mr. Micks. She  looked at everyone and took a deep breathe and sang she sounded like an angel. It brought tears to my eyes.  "I dont believe in Fairytales but i believe in you and me." "Take me to wonderland." On the last note she belted out. She  opened her  eyes and looked at everyone. They all started clapping. she  smiled. "Thankyou." she  said quietly. The rest of class was just an easy breezy day. I hurried and wiped my face. She came back and sat down. Mr. Micks started class after that. The last 5 minutes of class me and Janiece talked. "So do you want to go out tonight?" I said sounding maybe a bit to hopeful. Her eyes lite up making her even more beautiful. "Yeah that would be great, She took out a piece of paper and wrote down her number. "Here call me when your on your way." She said handing me the beautiful writing with a smile. I nodded. Okay i said queitly staring at the number.



Okay so This is jennifers story. Yes this story is based on inner issues too this is something that i guess im dealing with too. Yes i have a bestfriend that im slightly jealous of. Remember everything has a connection. Yes so i hope you enjoy it. And i lovvee Jennifer on here. Your my bestiee and i lovvee it. :)) Thanks for reading.


Songs i wrote too-

Regina Spektor-

Long brown hair

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on November 9, 2011 at 12:12am

oh p.jazz930 i hope ur not jelous of me cause its the other way around. i AM jelous of ya but i love ya lotss more than the jelous part. i hope you continue this cause i love it!!! + u

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