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So this girl and i were such good friends throughout our high school years. we could talk about anything and tell each other our deepest secrets. I truly thought she was the coolest friend anyone could ever have. then when i graduated, she changed. all of a sudden she started to hang with these "different people" and totally changed who she was. she dressed different and changed her attitude to be like them. since they were younger than her she got more immature. i truly lost my friend. as the year progressed, the gap between us got bigger and we lost common interests. she started hang wit this guy who would always get on my last nerve. guess i was a little jealous cause i felt thrown away and pushed aside. she calls him her "bff" now and yeah, that hurt. Oh, well the school year is almost here so i can meet new people : ) wish i could have my own reality show and look for a new BFF just like Paris Hilton. i need that lol. everyone needs a good friend in their life and i don't have one at the moment. it stinks cause i feel like i have no one to talk to. i have guy friends but they aren't the same as girlfriends. you can't talk to them about girl things like cute guys or clothes. well, these kids are still in HS and she just graduated. they'll replace her and she'll end up alone. then she'll wanna be friends. don't know if i want to be there for her then.

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