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i know this might sound stupid but i feel like my life is falling apart and i have no one to talk to and i was wondering if some one could talk to me about my problem see my family is falling apart my brother is really messed up and he just lost his kid because his baby momma wont let him see them and my boyfriend dont talk to me any more hardly and my moms heath is so bad she just got out the hospital but im so stressed and alone and i have no one i feel like the world is on my back and i cant take on the resopnability to carry it any more i have been trying so hard to hold my famliy together but all that happens is it starts to get good and then falls apart agin and i just wont to give up. see my whole life i had to grow up fast because i pay the bills and i pay my bros child suport and his car pay ment and i just cant do it any more but if i dont he will lose everythang and they will blame it on me and i just dont know what to do any more i feel so depressed and i am the one how has to hold it all together cuse if i dont then my family will fall apart and i will feel like is is my fault its like i try to do something right and it just gose all roungh i wont to be strong i wont to be the one to help but it is takeing so much out of me and i dont know how to deal with it i love my family and friend so much and i keep loseing it is like i take one step forward and end up takeing two steps backward. my dad dont care about me he said that he did not wont a girl he wonted a boy and that i should never call him or talk to him ever and to go kill my self for all he care. ifeel like god wonts to punish me or something i mean i dont know what to do any more and my boyfriend he and i have been together for a year and a hafe now and he lies to me he says he loves me but never calls anymore and i just cant take loseing any more people in my life my best friend past away a year ago on this date and im just so sad today cuse i could not go to his grave im just haven a bad day today. dose anyone have any advise

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Comment by jazzmenlee94 on July 16, 2011 at 2:11am
thank u so much i know it suck
Comment by Lillian S. Cullen on July 15, 2011 at 8:35pm
I feel your pain , my family has been screwed up since before I was born !

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