The Twilight Saga

Need to Be Found (An Alice and Jasper story)

Chapter One
Alice's POV
I ran through the forest at lightning speed. I turned and saw that someone was following me! I pushed myself to go faster and sprinted towared the house. When I got there I turned and figured I had lost my follower. I calmly walked inside and went to sit on the couch next to Jasper. I sighed as I sat down. "What's wrong?" he asked me. "Nothing," I told him calmly. I didn't want to tell him about my follower in case it was just some curious Nomad passing by who had seen me. No need to get him all worked up if it was nothing. But that also worried me. 'What if it wasn't just nothing?' I thought. 'What if it was someone from the Volturi coming to pick us off?' Good thing Edward was with Bella and Renesmee at the cottage. I didn't want him to hear about this just yet. I needed to figure out more about this intruder. Suddenly it hit me:
I saw a woman with long straight black hair, and olive toned skin. She had blood-red eyes so she had to be a vampire. She looked as though she was pondering something very hard in her head because her brow was creased. This woman though seemed strangely familiar, as if I had heard someone describe her before. She was sitting in a dark room looking at what looked like a map of Forks and the surrounding area. She was making lines in places surrounding Forks. It looked like she was searching for something in Forks and only had one place that was left on the map. It looked like it was our land! Then suddenly another woman walked into the room. She had shoulder length blonde curly hair and pale skin. She looked no younger than 16. "I followed her just like you said Maria," she started. "I followed her all the way up until the river before the house. I saw her go inside and sit on the couch next to a man that looked just like the one you described to me earlier." "Jasper," Maria breathed.
'Maria!' I thought frantically. This was not good.
"Alice?" I heard my name being called.
"Alice, what is it?" I heard Jasper say. I snapped my head up and looked him in the eye. I knew I would have to tell him. I mean Maria was part of his past and was obviously looking for him. I sighed, "Today on my way home from hunting I noticed somone following me so I sprinted home and now I just had a vision and I saw Maria and I think she's looking for you," I said the words so quickly they may have come out a jumbled mess. Jasper just stared at me with a shocked expression on his face. He sat there like that for a few minutes and I started to get worried. "Jasper?" I called. I started to shake his shoulders to try to snap him out of it. He finally looked at me with worry and fear in his eyes. "Let's talk to Carlisle," he said, and dragged me up to Carlisle's office.

Note: This is my first fan-fic so please comment and tell me what you think! :)

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