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Nessie's Birthday Surprise : A Twilight Saga Fanfic

A huge russet-coloured wolf, its fur like velvett flecked with specks of glistening snow stood on the sloping bank of the river, the bright winter sun reflecting upon the sparkling surface of the icy water. A chilling breeze disturbed the perfect sleekness of the wolf's coat, ruffling its fur like a minute tidle-wave.

A girl, her beauty eminating from her like a ray of sunlight approached the gigantic wolf situated on the steep bank. Her skin was as white as the glittering snow that crunched beneath her bare feet. As a beam of golden sunlight from overhead fell across her stunning features, her pale skin began to glimmer, as though every pore was embedded with millions of diamonds encrusted within the marble-like smoothness of the perfect skin. Her bronze hair cascaded down her shoulders in ringlets that sprung off her collarbone as she strolled gracefully nearer to the wolf. The wolf seemed unperturbed by this extraordinary new appearance in the confined wood that surrounded them.

Although the beautiful girl was bare-footed, she seemed unaffected by the biting cold that would have caused any normal human to cry out in shock. But this girl was no ordinary human. Renesmee Cullen skipped across the sloping bank as easily as breathing would be to a human. She skidded to a hault beside the great wolf, barely scuffing the snow at her feet.

The wolf finally raised its shaggy head to look at her, its eyes focused open her, its gaze so piercing it looked like the wolf was x-raying her on the spot. Renesmee's full lips twisted into a dazzling smile and she stretched her arm out, brushing her hand against the wolf's fur. The wolf shuddered, a great rumbling noise thundering through its chest at her touch. Renesmee giggled at this, a magical, musical sound that echoed through the forest like chiming bells.

"Jacob." Renesmee whispered serenely under her breath. The great wolf bowed its huge head, grumbling gruffly. Her palm smoothed across the rust-coloured fur in silky waves, gliding across each strand like an ice dancer twirling across a glaze of icy crystal.

Renesmee reached up eligantly, stretching her delicate hand up until it found the patch of fur behind the wolf's floppy ears that were the size of her palm.She scratched playfully behind the wolf's ear, not seeing the huge creature to be what a deer or elk might see it as: a deadly predator, but instead greeting it like an old friend. The great wolf barked a great booming laugh that reverberated off the forest trees, causing Renesmee to giggle and wrap her pale arms around the wolf's huge muscular neck that was covered in a mane of soft fur. Renesmee buried herself in the wolf's warm body, engulfed by its long mane of thick fur. The wolf known as Jacob Black carefully raised a huge paw, resting it gently against her back, wrapping its arm around her protectively, as though releasing her would cause her to be in a great amount of pain. Jacob's great thumping heart did somersaults in his chest at Renesmee's soft embrace, and a low grunt escaped his jaw when at long last, he released her.

She beamed at him, her pearly white teeth glowing brightly, her smile illuminating her flawless features. Then, without pausing for breath, she elongated her arm and pressed her palm to Jacob's furry cheek. The great wolf quivvered, his huge body trembling for a second before his eyes flickered shut, his mind overcome by the vivid vision that had invaded his mind at Renesmee's supernatural touch.

Bright images, a bluish hue fringing the slightly blurred edge, flashed through Jacob's mind as clear as the silver-white snowy forest had been seconds before. Multi-coloured streamers, golden balloons and metallic banners labelled with the words 'Happy Birthday Jacob!' were being draped over every inch of the large cavernous sitting room of the Cullen's house. Alice Cullen, her short spiky black hair matched her bubbly attitude as she danced across the room, skipping gracefully over the carpet , a silver streamer fluttering out behind her. Edward Cullen sat in the far corner, hunched over a shiny black piano, his fingers drifting effortlessly from key to key so quickly they were merely a pale blur.

Bella Swan swept over to him, her chestnut hair billowing out behind her. She wrapped her arms around his marble neck. Edward's pale lips twisted into a crooked smile but his snow-white continued to speed across the keys, undistracted by Bella.

Jasper Hale was chattering to his brother Emmett in a far corner of the room beside the grand staircase, his lips barely moving as he spoke. Emmett was guffawing happily, his golden eyes glinting merrily, his brawny arms folded across his chest. Jasper was then dragged away by Alice, who thrust a bag of balloons into his hands. He fumbled with them, shaking his head and exhaling exasperatedly. Emmett grinned at him, before turning to his left and beckoning Rosalie over to him, who strolled over to him, smirking, flipping her sleek blonde hair over her shoulder as she went. Carlisle Cullen was busying himself with the CD player, pouring over a large shiny stack of CD cases, flipping them over to explore their soundtrack and wondering which one would be best to play at the large party being arranged by the Cullens.

Jacob was pulled back to the present in an instant, slightly dazed for a moment before glancing at Renesmee, who was grinning at him. He shook his large head, his booming laugh reverberating through the forest again. He knew Alice loved to party, but was this really necessary? He groaned, a whining noise escaping his throat at the thought of a party. Would he need to dress up? He glanced towards the shabby pair of torn shorts lying among the snow at his side. He looked pleadingly at Renesmee, who seemed unusually smug. He gave a sigh, before inclining his head towards his shorts and scooping them up into his mouth where they hung limply. Renesmee smiled triumphantly before turning on her heel and trotting off through the trees.


((I intend to write more, and I will add more once I have completed it.))

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Comment by ♥dαηciηg οη gιαƨƨ† on February 18, 2012 at 7:10am
Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :3
Comment by Eyera Renesmee Cullen on January 23, 2012 at 7:33am

i like the story so much!! cant wait to read more

Comment by ♥dαηciηg οη gιαƨƨ† on July 19, 2011 at 5:56pm
Oh thank you very much! I'll be sure to add more as soon as I can! =]
Comment by Nichole Menor (call me Nikki =) on July 19, 2011 at 4:20am

I was searching through the Blogs and i found yours, its a great story! I'll be waiting for more =)

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