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Never Forget

Never forget that I love you.
Never forget that I will never leave you again.
Never forget that I will protect you as long as you need protecting.
Never forget the hold you have on me, and the strength of that hold.
Never forget that it's your choice.
Never forget that you can tell me anything.
Never forget that you are my life, and that I will do anything for you.
And even though I know you can't forget, because those memories will be forever

etched in our hearts.
I wish you would forget that agonizied time when we couldn't tell each other "I love you"
But all we can do is make new memories to make up for the time apart.
And so you won't forget here's a reminder, I love you.

By: Elizabeth Teague=)

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Comment by Maria Luisa on June 14, 2009 at 12:53pm
Elisabeth you´re a genious!!!
It´s Edward!

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