The Twilight Saga

Chapter one.

   Jason leaned in to kiss me I backed up trying not to let my emotions control my actions. “sorry” he started “I thought you wanted me too” his hand left my right leg. I couldn’t look him in the eye “what about your girlfriend?” I insisted. He shook his head and answered my question “Bri, you are the only girl I want to be with, Kim means nothing, and I just need to know you feel the same about me, you aren’t the easiest to love Bri, you drive me insane when I see you with any other guy but me. I thought you felt the same way. ” he intertwined his fingers in mine and all I could do was play with the hay sticking up between us. “Bri?” I looked up for the first time. “Jason, I’ve loved you sense you started working for my dad, I just can’t be heartbroken over and over again when you choose you don’t want to be in a relationship.” Jason studied my hand and spoke stern “Do you still love me the way you did two years ago?” I nodded and said “For some reason it never leaves no matter how many times I tell it to.” He did a short laugh “Then let’s try, let’s try and become what was last year” I started to say I don’t know but before I could get the words out Jason leaned forward and I shut up. He got closer to my lips and before he could kiss me he stopped and smiled and whispered “think about it” and he got up and walked out of the wooden barn door frame and outside, I heard his truck gear up and he pulled away until I could hear no more of the roar of his engine. I let out a loud “UGGGHHH!!” and I fell back on the hay I had been using as a seat. My phone which I had set on the horses stall began to vibrate I got up and flipped it open to my full keyboard.

From: Jason
Date and Time: Oct. 15th 12:39 p.m.
Text: U better get 2 ur house B4 ur ‘rents notice ur gone. Goodnight. B careful.

   I didn’t text back, I just slipped my camouflage hoodie on over my shirt and bundled up and sat on the ledge before I got up and started walking to the house. It was a clear night and the stars looked so bright I jumped off the ledge and started to the house. Then i heard a noise behind me, i stopped but i didn't turn around. I got to the house finally, the walk seemed like a life time. I went to bed in my hoodie and jeans and thought about everything he had said, But how did Jason know i was still in the barn? What was that i heard in outside? Should I be scared? What if the noise was him? I figured I was exaggerating over nothing but i couldn't help but think about it.

I woke up and changed into something that was something I would have slept in I put on a pair of Soffee shorts and a football t-shirt and headed down for breakfast. “Where is daddy?” I asked my mom. My mom looked up from the frying eggs “He got up early to go tend to the horses with your brother and Jason. What time did you go to sleep last night baby? You looked so tired.” I rubbed my eyes “yea, I stayed up and looked at the stars, no biggy. Soooo, the boys, are they still working?” my mom flipped eggs out of the pan “nope. They went hunting they said they would be back around dinner, what should we do for dinner hun?” I grabbed an egg out of the deep plate and grabbed a knife out of the dish drainer. “Tacos?” My mom grinned and let out a breath “Maybe..” I finished my egg and asked my mom if Hayley could come to dinner to. My mom said yea and continued cooking eggs. I texted Hayley


Me: Hey, Can u come over?
Hayley: Sure, so what did mr.dreamy eyes have to say last night?
Me: a lot more than I expected. Lol.
Hayley: yea I bet, chad said Jason is starting to spend a lot of time over at ur house… why?
Me: Him and my brother and my dad just love hanging out.
Hayley: and that’s all?
Me: YESSS! He hasn’t tried much, well :) he did try to kiss me last night…
Hayley: NO WAY! Wat about kim??
Me: I guess kim is history, idk.
Hayley: Just looked at his facebook page SINGLE!
Me: yea I figured.
Hayley: can I just spend the night tonight?
Me: heck yea I was just about to give you no choice!
Hayley: yeay! Haha let me get a bag together and ill be there in a bit cya.

   Hayley got their later and we went and rode horses and talked and I decided in my mind maybe me and him were meant to be. Me and Hayley watch the guys pull in and we went and put the horses in the field so they could roam for a little while. Mom had dinner ready and we had almost a full table. My dad aggravated Jason about all the time he spends here but I think this is the closest thing he has to a family. His mom owns a small house a couple miles away and he doesn’t know his dad very well. My parents always make him feel welcomed and it is fun having a full house all the time. During dinner I gave Jason the sign that me and him had made up so we could meet up without a hint. After dinner me and Hayley went up stairs and I put on my boots and my jeans and left my jacket on the window in case I needed it. And I made my way to the barn around sunset, he wasn’t there so I got the two horses pepper and Shane. As I was riding back towards the barn I saw Jason step out around the corner with his hair sweaty and his hands in his pockets, he had changed into a plaid shirt and dirty jean work pants. He helped me of my horse and helped me guide Pepper and Shane into their stalls. As we finished he stopped me and grabbed my hand and we went for a walk. We didn’t say a word for awhile then I said “I wanna try” Jason looked at me grinning “try what?” I looked at him and he smiled and we laughed he slipped his arm around my waist and I stopped and we sat on a dead tree that fell. “Sooo, were gonna do this? Me and you? ” i nodded he looked at me and said “think your dad would approve?” when you are as country as my family is daddy has to approve at all times. I smiled “only one way to find out” he looked puzzled “Now?” he looked still trying to figure out what I meant “no way! Soon but not now” he laughed. We went deeper into the woods. We found an old tree house and it was so romantic. We kissed and we kept making out until we heard something below us. I got scared thinking it was someone else but I couldn’t see anything it had gotten dark and I was starting to worry we left the tree house and started to walk back when Jason went missing. I got scared because I couldn’t find my way back. Then I fell on this rock and gashed my team I screamed and cried and I couldn’t do anything i was stranded until someone found me, or I was alive until a bobcat or mountain lion found me. I tried to crawl to the moonlight opening but I couldn’t make it then a big bobcat came out of nowhere I kept trying to push my way back but it kept preying its way towards me I screamed for help but no one would hear me for miles as the bobcat began to run and attack out of nowhere a wolf jumped out and killed the bobcat it got right up close to me I held my breath and it sniffed my neck and ran off into the woods I let out the long hard breath and began to cry and cry until I felt something coming up behind me and I couldn’t contain it anymore I screamed with horror and I dug my nails into dirt and my heart stopped “Bri?” my crying prevented me from talking I just cried louder. Jason peaked around the tree and he tried to get me to stop crying but he couldn’t so he picked me up and carried me back when we got back I saw my mom and dad and Hayley and my brother waiting at the edge of the woods and they bandaged me up. My mom told me to go to my room but I said I was ok and I was gonna stay outside for awhile. Jason helped me to the barn and we just looked each other and I looked him with piercing eyes and I spoke with anger. “Why did you leave me? I COULD HAVE DIED!” Jason shook his head “I was with you,” I looked confused and he got up and closed the barn doors and he came back and said “when I saw the full moon something happened, and anytime I see a full moon I change, I become something I’m not.” I stopped him and said the wolf? You are a werewolf? He said “yea and so was my dad, and his dad and his dad and so on. My dad left because my mom was judgmental and that’s why I try not to stick around at my house.” “Jason that’s impossible,” he grabbed my chin and pointed it directly at his eyes and they changed, they look like the ones the wolf had. He took off his shirt and showed me his tattoo that all werewolves get when they are made apart of the pack. “so there is more?” he nodded and said but there are also bad things that are here that I’am here to protect everyone from, including small things like bobcats.” “Then what is a bid thing?” Jason shook his head no “I’m not going to worry you or scare you, cause what I know can make you a target if the people who wanna harm you know you are this important to me” I looked and asked “tell me, I need to know the suspense is hard to comprehend” Jason tried to say no but he couldn’t “I’ll tell you when we can be alone, more alone than this okay baby?” I nodded and leaned into his arms and he held me. I fell asleep in his arms and he fell asleep as well and Hayley came down the next morning, and us both up cause Jason had to go to work and I had to get home and talk to Hayley and then later tonight and get ready for mine and Jason’s first official date.

    Once Hayley helped me limp to the house we got to my room and Hayley asked what happened last night. All I could tell her was that I was attacked by a bobcat cause right now that is all I know. Hayley went home an hour or two after lunch and she told me if she needed me to call or text her she was not far away.
Later that night I heard Jason’s truck pull up. I wasn’t dressed and had to do it quickly, until I got a text

From: Jason
Date and Time: Oct. 17th 5:30 p.m.
Hey baby u dnt have to rush I just was gonna make sure ur dad was ok with it and hav his blessing.
Don’t worry we r just lookin at ur baby videos and pictures ;) c u n a min.

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wow that is so awesome!


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this is gr8 plz continue

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