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new adventure or a new life: CHAPTER 3


When the plane took off for Califronia i decied to take a nap.


when cole decied to take a nap i decied to talk to mom and ask her how we are going to break the news to Cloe about how are school is diffrent. " so i am going to be the one to tell her right?" i asked just trying to clarify things. " yes Mike you are going to tell just be sure to come right out with it." my mom said." ok i understand" i said trying to figure out the best way to say it to her. When the plan landed i decied i would wait and tell Cloe once we got to the house but i still wasn't sure how Cloe would react when i tell her about the school.


I woke up when the plan landed. When we were walking to the baggage clam area i knew somthing was up because Mike and my mom were being quiet. And i knew my mom would have been talking up a storm by now.

" ok what is up why are you guys being so werid and quiet?" i asked

" What?! nothing is wrong sweetie i am just thinking thats all" My mom said and she didn't look me in the eye so i knew she was lying. But i just dropped it because i knew i wouldn't get any answers from both of them right now. Once we got our bags we got a taxi and headed stright for our new house. I looked out the window of the taxi taking in all the views, it was nothing like New York and i kind of like that though!

When we arrived at the new house i could not believe on how close we were to the beach, " hey mom i think i am going to go do some exploring of the new area" i shouted to mom even though i didn't even go looking through the house yet. " ummmmmm sweetie there is somthing your brother wants to tell" my mom said worry in her eyes. That is when i knew somthing was up. " Come on lets go for a walk on the beach" Mike said coldly with no emotion.

MIkes POV:

" come on lets go walk on the beach" i told Cloe camly. Once we were out the door Cloe started asking me questions like no tomorrow " whats up? is there somthing wrong with mom? why are you guys being sooo quiet lately?" cloe asked all at once with no breathe in between.

" everything is fine i thought we should just talk before we go to the new school monday thats all." i said trying to hide my emotions.

" OMG i can't wait to go to school on monday! can't you i wonder what it will be like?" cloe said with happiness in her voice.

" yeah about that Cloe, there is somthing you should know..........." i said" this school we are going to it isn't like a normal school it is for like people like me ( aka warewolf vampires zombies etc.)" i said waiting for her to scream and or run away but she didn't. We just kept walking on the beaches without saying anything and when she spoke it was like she was whispering.

" so if this school is for your kind then why am i going?" she asked with curiosity

" well they are making an exception so that you can come......." i trailed off

" well i guess that is ok, i mean there aren't going to be people trying to drink my blood right?!?!" she said jokingly and that is when i knew she was ok with the school.

" No, no is going to try to drink your blood. But there is somthing else our school is a boarding school so that means we will be leaving tomorrow to go to the dorm rooms and get situated and all." i said

" ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! WE ARE GOING TO LIVE ON CAMPUS?!?!?!?! THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!" Cloe said or practicly screaming because she was soooo happy/excited. Once we were done walking on the beach we decied to head back home and explore our new house some.

Hey guys so i hoped you liked it and leave me comments down below on what you thought! thanks :)

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Comment by Bella Marie Cullen on May 12, 2011 at 4:41pm
Comment by stardrop89 on November 15, 2010 at 8:08pm
thanks :)
Comment by Sezzy Isabella Marie Arsprey on November 15, 2010 at 12:55pm
that was good i like it keep me posted on more that you write x

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