The Twilight Saga

new adventure or a new life?!?!?!?! CHAPTER 4


once we got inside the house i idmeatly went stright for the stairs to claim my room even though i wouldn't be in that lond because of the boarding school but i still wanted my own room here! Once i looked through all the rooms i claimed the one that had the best view so that was down on the hall on the right and once you entered the room all you can is the ocean and that is just what i liked about the room! I didn't bother on unpacking my things because that means i would have to repack them all i did was go straight to the window seat and stare out the window. I contunied staring out the window for what seemed like hours but it was only mins but i stoped and turned around because i herd a knock on the door,

"come in" i said

" hey" mike said as he enterd the room

" hey mike whats up?"
" oh nothin much just cheaking in on you........thats all" mike said wearly and he didn't look me in the eye so i knew something was up

" no serousily mike whats up?" i asked courious to what was really up

" well.............. i don't know how to but this but........" he said pausing a lot while he was talking

" OH JUST SPIT IT OUT MIKE WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TELL ME?" i shouted at mike and then blushed because i relized i didn't need to yell at him.

" oh i had nothing to say i was just doing that to make you mad!" mike laughed while talking

" OMG you are suck a jerk!!!" i said laughing to but i threw a pillow at him and missed

" ok well i hope you have fun staring out the window" mike said still happiness in his voice

" KIDS its time to come down for dinner" mother shouted

" OK" mike and i both shouted at the same time

hey guys so i know this is short but i haven't had time to write because my computer was in the shop getting worked on and i have finial exmas to sudy for but during winter break i promise to write more! so i hope you liked it be sure to leave me a comment and add me as a friend :)

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