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Cloes POV:

I can't believe what Mike just told me. I was in shock for a while i didn't say anything and when i did it sounded like i was wisphering.

" so you are a warwolf? why didn't you tell me before? does that mean i am one?" i asked sounding scared

" yeah i am a warewolf i have been sence i was 13 ( he is 16 now) and i wish i could tell you but mom didn't want me too she thought that you wouldn't trust us anymore. And no you are not a warewolf."

You see our dad died in a plane crash and it was when i was little like 3 or 4 so i really never knew my dad like MIke did.

" ok great well i wish you would have told me when you just turned a warewolf." i said sounding upset.

" i sorry i wish i did." and when mike said that i knew he was upset not at me but himself.

When Mike left i started getting my things ready for the big move. I just can't believe we are leaving New York and heading all the way to Califonia. I mean i always wanted to VISIT but never MOVE there. But i gues i will be okay becuse i am pretty social so i am sure to make new friends fast but Mike on the other hand is a little proctive ( i guess that is because he is a warwolf).

******************************** LATE THAT DAY**********************************

When i had all my things packed i went stright for Mikes room and right when i walked in there none of his things were packed typical he is always procrastnating.

" Hey" i said sounding tierd

" hey how is it going with the packing an all" Mike asked sounding like he really wasn't interested in me because he kept his eyes foucesd on the computer screen.

" fine i guess, i can see you have made a ton of progress" i said being sarcastic

" yeah i think i am going to stay up late tonight and pack i usally do better thinking at night" He said and now i knew why he stayed up so late at night it was because he was a warewolf.

" ok have fun" i said leaving his room and heading for mine. When i reached the room i went stright for the pjs i left on my desk and sliped into them and headed stright for bed.

Mikes POV

I knew i had to tell Cloe on why we were moving and what schools we were going to so i decied to tell her to later tomorrow morning and i am a little nervous on telling because the way she reacted kind of freaked me out that is why i didn't tell then.When i saw Cloe went to bed I statred to pack but i was to destracted by the fact that i was straving so i snuck out my bedroom window and headed for the woods behide our house. I was lucky i was able to find a few squialrs because i was afraid i was going to loose my mind if i didn't find anything. When i finished feeding i headed stright home and started packing. I finished around three in the moring and fell alseep on top of some boxes

*************************** MOVING DAY!!!!********************************

Cloes POV

I got up bright and early and threw on a pair of jeans and a confy t-shirt. Today was moving day and i was kind of excited which was shocking because i usually hate moving. I moved all my boxes into the loading van and i then somthing dawed on me " OH CRAP!!!! i forgot to call Rebecca and Nicole to tell them i was moving," right when i said that i heaed for the home phone. I decied to call Nicole first because she is going to freak to much and i know she will call Rebecca right after and tell her. When it ranged for the third time i was about to give up but then she picked up.

" Hey Cloe why weren't you at school yesterday everyone was asking for you?" Nicole said all cheerfully like herself.

" Hey Nicole i have some thing i have to tell you. I am moving to California" I said really fast hoping she got all that so i wouldn't have to say it again

" WHAT?!?!?!?!" Nicole screamed. Then the line went dead. I knew that this was going to happen i just wasn't ready for this. I decied to wait a few mins because i knew Nicole would be calling Rebcca and telling her. When i decied to call Rebeccas' number she picked up right away.

" Hey so i herd your moving" Rebcca said sadly

" yeah I just hope Nicole will understand" i said hoping that Rebcca would comfort her

" Just give her sometime i know she will come around" She said reassuringly

" Thanks and I hope you guys could come and visit us over the Break" I said hoping that she would agree

" Defiantly we will always be here for you Cloe! OH hey I got to go talk to you later!" And then she hung up.

When i finished calling my friends i heaed stright outside.

" Hey there you are," my mom said " we are done putting everything in the moving van are you ready to go?" my mom asked souding excited

" Yeah, i am ready!" I said sounding excited and sad at the same time

" Great so lets go" My mom gave me a hug and then headed for the house to see if we had everything

I looked at our house one last time then got in the car and waited for my mom and Mike to get in the car.

to be contunied.....................

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