The Twilight Saga

Cloe's POV


" I AM UP I AM UP" i jumped when my alram clook blared" ughhhhhh i don't want to get up" i groaned. I laded back on my pillow and feel alseep when i got back up and looked at the alarm clock i saw that it was 9:30am. " Oh crap i am going to be late for school" i herd my self saying. As i went to my closet I grabed what ever i could find that was clean and ran downstairs." Hey mom" i said to her as i was rushing to get somthing to eat.

" Cloe, sweetie, you should sit down" my mother ( shelby) said cooley but also like she had somthing to tell me. Right when i thought that i knew it would be somthing bad.

" What is it mom?" i asked sounding couries but mostly afraid. I saw that blake was staring at his fod like he was mad about somthing and that is when i knew we were in trouble!

" This isn't going to be easy to tell you but we are moving in a few days sweetie" my mom said like she was afraid i would get mad.

" thats great we are getting a new house! where is it? is it near rebeccas house( aka my best friend in the worls)" Or is it near school?" i asked sounding excited

" well sweetie that the thing we are moving all the way to California" my mom said even quieter

" WHAT?!?!" I shouted" when are we moving?"

" well in two days" my mother said even more quiter i coulde barley here her. I looke at MIke he was still staring at his food. Now i knew why he was sooo mad it was because he was going to leave his precious girlfriend Annie, You see there are like in " LOVE" but i think she is just using him for our money but he doesn't believe me.

" ok so i guess i am not going to school today so i can pack" i sadi sounding depressed." i will see you later" i started to get up from the table and that was when Mike looked up at me and i knew from hi gaze that he wanted to talk so i shook my head and he followed.


I looked up as cloe got up from the table and gave her a look that she knew that we needed to talk. When she shook her head i followed her up the stairs into her room.

" what do yo want to talk about" cloe asked sitting down on her bed

" there is somthing you should know about the school we are going to....." i said sounding a little to unsure

" what?!?! is it a rich snoby kid school?" cloe asked sounding anoyed

" no it is not that it is just that the kids there aren't normal....."

"not normal like werid or........ not normal like phsyco like werid....." cloe asked sounding freacked out

" not normal like like like like" i kepte studdering and that was not like me

" LIKE WHAT MIKE???" cloe shouted

" they are like warewolves, vampires, and wizards"

" WHAT?!?! thats crazy are you trying to me with mike because that is not funny...." cloe said sounding a little frightened

" NO i am tell you this now because i am a warewolf because our dad was one. Don't you see we are not normal"

" You'r kidding right please tell me you are joking......." Cloe said not sure and and little scared

" No i am not......"

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Comment by stardrop89 on May 14, 2011 at 2:14am
@kc thanks for the tip i think i will create a post thing in the writers group. but the thing is i haven't been working on this story lately though..... i am having writers block :/
Comment by Bella Marie Cullen on May 12, 2011 at 4:33pm



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