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This is my first time writing a story. I felt like writing about the Cullens from another perspective.  I hope you guys like it.


My name is Bridget and i'm a 20yr old that just recently graduated with a associate degree in a career that I just recently found out isn't for me. I had spent half of the day looking through career books.  It was officially the first day of summer so I had plenty of time.  I had started my search at 9:00 in the morning, I skipped breakfast that day.  I was hoping that a fast might be what I needed for God to answer my question.  Why am I here?  It's a simple question, one that many people ask when they fell lost.  At this moment I definitly felt lost, with each passing hour I felt more and more frustrated by my results.  By eleven I was hungry, feed up and emotionally exhausted.  I needed a serious break.  I threw down the book and sighed. " What am I going to do now?"  I looked around my room that almost looked normal. My room was usually a pigsty, I always kept piles of paper on the floor.  This completely annoyed my mother until she finally decided enough was enough.  I remembered that day clearly, it was thursday evening.  The air had a crisp edge to it, the weather was so nice that I decided to take a nap.  The nap was great until I was awakened by papers being thrown.  I woke up to find my mom tossing all of the papers into a jumbo sized garbage bag.  I instantly started to panic, the papers she threw out weren't just plain papers.  Some of these papers contained social security numbers and birthdays; things that needed to be scratched out before being thrown into the trash.  I quickly got up from my bed and pleaded with my mom to let me dispose of the trash properly and after a few minutes she finally gave in. For months I was scratching out information and ripping papers to shreads until I finally had my results. 


Chapter 1 is continued in the next blog.  I hope to hear what you think of the story so far.

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