The Twilight Saga

New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Fifthteen)

I ran and ran. I didn't know where I was until I heard the city sounds of Seattle. (maybe?) I walked slowly, as a human would, and noticed a Wal-Mart. It was closed and open for stealing. I ran (Vampire Speed) around the building, on to the roof, and lifted a large sky light. I darted and hid, and sped over to the electronics. I went behind the counter, and found a locked glass cabinet with laptops. I stuck my nail in the lock and turned my finger. I opened the glass and grabbed a fancy P.C. I held that close and stole an Ipod touch. I snagged three 50 dollar gift cards for Itunes, and a case for the Ipod. I sprang out the sky roof window I left open, closed it, and all of that under two minutes. dang. I forgot a back pack. Hmmm.... I dropped the gadgets and went back in. I grabbed a stylish backpack and headed out. I stuffed the toys inside the bag and headed to a 24 hour cafe. I hoped my eyes were a darker red. If they weren't, to bad. At this time of night, most of the humans must be drunk or something. I entered the cafe and saw a couple of over worked business freaks and one women with a child on the way. Must've been a craving. I walked over to an empty table and set up everything. I just sat there, my fingers unmoving. Suddenly a chat box appeared out of no where. The one who started the chat was named F.V.

A.V.: Hi

Guest(Me): Um... bye.

A.V.: Fine. If you leave then meet me outside.

Guest: No... I don't know u soo....

A.V.: Yes you do.

Guest: Then who are you?

A.V.: Guess. A .... V...

Guest: Alec? How did you?!

A.V.: Don't ask. Can we talk? Face 2 Face?

Guest: I... yes. Where?

A.V.: Outside.

Guest: Outside the coffee shop?

A.V.: Look out the window.

I whipped around. Two dull red eyes stared back at me. I nodded, packed my things up, and headed outside.

"Alec, I.."

"Not yet. Follow me." Alec sprinted through Seattle and into the forest. He suddenly stopped. "Now."

"alec... I am not joining the Volturi nor am I finishing my promise." I said.

"I know. I know.... I just... have to tell Jane and Caius..." He replied.

"I know. I... I'm just... scared... that's all. And I feel like a monster for being fine with... getting rid of three people who don't deserve it. I'm horrible. And... you and I ... we can't .... I can't... you know."

"I understand. I will try to prevent the worst. I promise." Alec sighed.

"Good-bye." I croaked.

"Good-bye." He whispered. He took off. I stood there. I didn't move for what felt like forever. Suddenly, I was hugged from behind. I whipped around.

"Alice?!" I gasped. I kicked my stolen items into the forest. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm so sorry! I feel horrible!" She sobbed.

"What?! How could you! You made me realize that I was the monster. That Cauis was using me and my gift! You made me turn my ways around. I... I...." She hugged me again.

"Jacob told us everything. He even phased, not caring about.. well... having no clothes..... He explained everything and how you cried and ... well actually had a heart." She squeezed me tighter. She let go and grabbed my shoulders. "Now, let's go home."

"Home?" I asked.

"Yes. Home." She took off with me right next to her. I wiped my eyes constantly. I was tearing up so much. This time I wasn't sad. I was crying for joy.

                                                      To Be Continued......

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Comment by Venus Cullen on February 4, 2011 at 4:10pm
No. venus just rammed into Jacob with MAJOR impact.

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