The Twilight Saga

New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Sixteen)

We finally reached the river. Alice bounded once making it over. I stopped at the edge. Alice turned around and looked in shock that I wasn't a mile ahead of her with my landing.

"Come on!" She smiled. I bounded again, of course landing in front of her by a lot. I followed her inside and began to bite my lip; a nervous habit I've had forever. As i walked inside, I kept my gaze to the floor. I heard the huffing of Jacob as a wolf. I suddenly saw two small feet and looked up a bit. Renesmee's chocolate brown eyes looked me in the eye. She put her hand up to my cheek, showing me how Jacob explained every thing and how Rose was almost crying, as well as Alice. She showed me herself, looking in the bathroom mirror with her under eyes swollen. She was crying too.

"I...I..." I looked around the room. "I'm so sorry. I'm such a monster! I can't believe I ever did that! I ...." I noticed a large ivory piano in the middle of the room. "When did that get up here?" I asked.

"Oh, well Renesmee didn't want to have you alone downstairs and wanted to show you her dancing as you play." Bella said. I ruched over to her and hugged her.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to snap. I'm so sorry!!" I cried again.

"Venus.... it's fine. I over reacted. Completely. I feel horrible."She hugged me back.

"Hey! Venus Cullen! Are we still on for a rematch?" Emmet boomed, smirking.

"Cullen? Venus Cullen? I... I...."

"Yes. Welcome to the family, Venus." Carislsle said. Esme nodded and grabbed his hand while sitting next to him.

"But,how? After everything I did? How could you forgive me?"

"You are a 15 year old who lost a normal life without any say." Rose spoke up. I hugged her too.

"Rose, what I said on the balcony was supposed to be an act, but it's all true." Renesmee tugged on my silver silk dress. I turned to her.

"Will you play?" She asked. Her voice was so pretty. It was the only word I heard her say.

"Of course I will. I'll play for hours for you." I smiled. She did too. Then, she hugged me. I turned to Bella.

"What? You don't need my permission." Bella smiled at me.

"Thank you." I mouthed. I sped over to the piano. I grabbed a beautiful piece and set it up. Edward sat next to me.

"Mind if I help?" He asked.

"Sure. I may keep playing when you get tired." I teased. He smiled. I started the first note and we both took off in a magic melody, with Renesmee, Rose, and Bella all dancing together. I was home. Venus Cullen was home.

Think that's all? Well you thought wrong! Still to be continued! <3

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Comment by Lily Right <3 on January 30, 2011 at 3:33pm
Wonderful. (:

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