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i was about to tell Jesse that i didnt love him but for my luck his parents arrive just in time and my phone started ringing i excused my self and answered it


-Micheale were are you why arent you home yet

-sorry aunt Georgia ill be right back

-no its okay baby girl i just wanted to make sure you were okay

-well thanks auntie anyway ill be right back

-bye baby girl

-bye aunt

closed the phone

i loved both my uncle and my aunt especially for how supportive they have been ever since the accident. They took me and my brother as if we were their kids, but i will never see them as my mom and dad

i was really in deep thought i didnt even realize Jesse was running towards me un till he grab my hand

Jesse:Hey is everything okay?

Me:yeah sure everything is okay why are you asking

Jesse:your face says something different

Me:oh its nothing im okay really

That seemmed to be enough for him well atleast thats what i thought

we were walking towards Selenas room but a few feets away Jesse pull me in a room pushed me against the wall and started kissing me

I felt disgusted how dare he i shooked him off me and said:

Me:WHAT the heck is wrong with you

Jesse:Im sorry is that......

Me:is that what answer me fast or ill leave

Jesse:you make my heart beet really fast and i just need to have you

Me.Jesse your sister is on the hospital right now and all you care about is hucking up with me

Jesse:you dont get it i know that his going to take you away

He sat down on a chair in the room we were in he look at the floor with an shame expression on his face

I didnt want to sit next to him after what he did but i just felt like i had to so i did and i start pating is back

Me:Now Jesse nice and easy explain me whos going to take me away


Me:i dont get you explain yourself

he sighed

Jesse:thats what he always do. He usses his charms on a pretty girl she fells in love with him he pretends he is in love with her then he hucks up with her then they keep on doing it untill he gets tired and trows her away he dose that with almost every pretty new girl i just dont want that happening to you

Me:what makes you think im falling for him

Jesse: I saw the ways you looked at him, the way i wish you saw me. Mecaeea im really sorry i know that what i did is wrong but i cant see you etting hurt like that

Me:so that the reason why you hate Jason

Jesse: No

Me:Then why do you hate him

he sighed again

Jesse:Their was this girl named Jasmine


Jesse:after a while we started going out and everything we were happy but one day Jason started going to our school he started flirting with her then one day jasmine didnt peek up her phone and i started to get worried so i want down to her house when i knocked on the door her little sister open it and she said she was in her room when i was like 3 feet away from her bedroom i started to hear giggling and then i started to hear moans when i opened the door i saw Jasmine on top of Jason making love i just stood froze in the doorway i had mixed emotions she just stand up covered herself and said that me and her where done that she found someone that could satisfy her. i was so pissed i just lived and didnt look back the next few weeks they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend but after a few more weeks passed by he broke off with her she told her friends that the only thing Jason liked to do was sex and if you ever refused he will get mad she said that it was very nice but one day she just stop making him feel you know how so he broke up with her and thats what he always dose and i just dodnt want that happening to you


OH my God was that true could i acctually believe Jesse my lovely caring Jason was nothing but a Jerk

Me.well im sorry for that

Jesse:Dont be

he started gigling

what was wrong with him how could he gigle

Me:whats so funny havent answer me yet

oh crap i totally forgot about that

Me:well jesse i dont know i just got here and well today allot of things went on

Jesse:its okay

he looked sad

i knew that i had to do something that i wasnt so sure about but i had to make him feel better

i just make him face me and i kissed him

he grab be and start kissing back i must admit it felt really good but it was going to far so i pushed him away

he smiled i smiled back what have i done i still knew that wanted to find out if the story Jesse told me was real so i said:

Me:we should probably go check on Selena

Jesse:yeah we should

we both got out of the room and walked to Selenas room

to our surprise she was awake Jesse run to her side and stroke her cheek i just peeked on and said:

Me:lucky you you made it

Selena laughed a little bit

Selena:thanks for coming

 Me: well I have to get going bye Selena I'm happy you feel better Everyone said bye I got into my car and drove off
I left the hospital and went to my aunts house they were waiting for me with dinner I sat down and explained why I was late

P.S.:Sorry it me so long to post please please comment and let me know what you think

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Your in the right track but not completely right

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