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I woke up with the sound of my alarm I walked out of my room to the bathroom across the hallway I hate sharing a bathroom with my brother but their was no other option on my way I notice my brother wasn't awake yet so I decided to get my payback from yesterday (wajajajajaja). So i sneaked into his bedroom and I jumped over him while screaming he waked up immediately he had a scared look on his face I couldn't stop laughing I just scared the hell out of my 17 year old brother he was really mad at me but I put my doggy face and he just let it go but he said something that scared me a little "im letting go.....but just for now"
I ran out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. I striped and got in the shower I let the hot water poor out, I got out put my robe on and I run to my room. I picked out a white and black dress, my favorite black hills and the accessories. I let my bronze hair free today. I walked down the stairs sat down on the table and notice that their was a note taped to the fridge the note said:

Dear Michaela & Robert
Your uncle and I had to leave town for 3 days I'm sorry we weren't their to say good bye but it was a last minute thing.
Well Michaela sorry but Roberts in charge. Robert no parties and most important be safe.
Love you two
Aunt Janet & Uncle Matthew

Crap!!! I hate when they leave Robert in charge why did he had to be the bigger brother 
Well I left that minor detail behind, finish my breakfast and I hoped in my camaro and drove to school.
I parked in the same spot I parked in yesterday . When I hopped off I was greeted by Jesse we came running toasted me he lift me and kissed me I was cough off guard but, I most admit that it felt really good I was kind of liking it but I remember about Jason and I pulled away I had to tell him but before I could speak he said something 
-Michaela I'm sorry I just had to  I need you, I want you, I desire you, you make me feel like no one ever made me feel before. Tell me that our kiss didn't make you feel something.
-Look Jesse I must admit that I do feel something (he
 smiled a huge grin) he grab me again and pressed his lips to mine I pulled      away immediately I couldn't fall for him well not until I try with Jason.
-Michaela I don't get you say that you feel something when we kiss but when I kiss you you pull away seriously what's up with you
- Jesse...I....I.....
-wait don't waist your time
-Jesse don't do this
But it was to late I didn't had time for this
I walked to my school and to my locker I took my history and geometry books. I walked to history class I was happy because I saw my beautiful jerk  he smiled at me I smiled back
Class hasn't started yet do we talked
-Hey Beautiful 
( I blushed)
-Hey Jason
-So how are you today?
-I'm not complaining you?
-Happy to see you (he winked)
He grab my hand under the table he kissed it and just when Jason did this Jesse walked in he saw us and his face droped 
Jason grabbed my face and said:
-I can't wait for Saturday I want to go out with you today
-I will under one condition I told him what Jesse told me
-You heard the rumor
-I did and I want to know if it's true
-it's true
-Jason your a jerk
-Michaela is not like that
-You just admitted it
-I did but it's not like that
-Explain yourself
-Look I did had sex with Jasmine
but I didn't know she was his girlfriend and I went down to her house to finish a project and she started I just followed her game and she was the one who wanted to have sex all the time I swear and I only went out with her, not other girls I would never do that to you your special since I meet you yesterday your a constant thought on my mind please go out with me today
-I will but as soon as you messed thing up bye-bye
-I like dominant girls 
-Well I don't like jerks but I'm gonna make an exception for you (I winked)
He laughed and then he did something I wasn't expecting he kissed me oooohhh it felt so good 
it was way different from Jesses kiss it was more special we pulled away when the bell rang. We hold hands during the entire class period.
When class was over Jesse tried to approach me but Jason got in his way
-Would you mind if I walk you to your locker
-Yeah sure no problem
-Can I kiss you again
I grabbed him and kissed him and when he started to kiss back I let go I wanted him to want me. I put my books in my lockers and I said goodbye to Jason.
The rest of the time went by nice my and Samantha talked during geometry she said Selena was doing awesome and that she should be out tomorrow she said we would be friends no matter what happens to Jesse and I.
Everything went by nice until lunch Jason montioned me to sit with I did obviously this made Jesse really mad so mad he broke his glass
I sat with Jason we talked the entire lunch period (oh my god his so cute, gorgeous, smart and sympathic) I was sorry when it was over we didn't had anymore classes together. When school was over I walked to my camaro but Jesse was waiting for me
-What do you want?!?!?
-To say I'm sorry
-Apologies accepted
He hugged me I hugged him back
-want to do something tonight with me?
-Sorry I can't 
-Promise you won't get mad
-I promise
-I'm going out with Jason
-what the heck?!?!?! After everything I told you
-You didn't know the hole story
-you know what Michaela your so silly 
-he'll brake your heart you'll see
-you want that to happen don't you  
-i dont want that to happen to you but, your playing with fire and your gonna get burned, but I promise that I'll be their to take care of the wounds
-Thanks for the advice and for your attention but I have to go
-Bye beautiful oh and by the way I'm not giving up I'm gonna fight with him if that's what it takes
-bye Jesse see you tomorrow 
We hugged good bye
I hopped in my camaro and drove home I did my homework and I rush to my room to get ready for my date with Jason.

(OMG I'm so exited)

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