The Twilight Saga

bella must find out the cullens secrets and what lies beneath there family tree.
must death go on as life does?if those who live around me still live will i seace to exist? is my life a black hole wiating to suck in any unsuspeckting people that comes in its grasp? will i watch them burn in the shadows of misery wiating and hoping nothing no harm will come of me?waste myself in the shadows and wallow in despare?why should love live in a world so brutal? why must a rose go throw pai,hail,rain,snow,sleet,and wind just to live in spring? why must we work throught so much pain and work to get to the end of the rainbow so that we can find not a pot of gold but the misery of knowing that it will die out and fade?

love has broken time sent people like me running to there beds screaming in there sleep .it has broken time and space for revange on those anccestors and now I will get my revenge.

bella cullen is not who she thought she was!?

preview of my book new dawn tell me wat you think give an honest opion

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Comment by My Dying Wish (bry and..) on March 17, 2010 at 4:26pm

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