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*one year since they saw the voltri again*


In my head i feel somthings going to happen today but the only way to make sure it does is to get up and not let alice change it. Or edward. i silently got up from the bed edward looked confused at the gesture and got up as well. we were just laying on the bed haveing a decent cinversation and this happens...............I freak out. As i sqeeze his hand lightly i am also gesturing to my sweet lovable ,dazzleing ,darling ,daughter reneesme's room. She was awake her clothes were on she was waiting for us .so we jumped across the carlise and esme's house they were all waiting for us.they looked intrested in why i had no shoes on."hey bella hey edward"alice greeted us "hey alice"we said at the same time. "we have to disscusssomthing with you"edward said he was talking about what we just talked about and you could tell he was serious.i could remeber it as he spoke."the voltri attacked bella.

i was walking from the store . i had just bought reneesme a new book.I moved into the forest i came on foot.

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Comment by My Dying Wish (bry and..) on May 20, 2010 at 8:56pm
thank you sneak peek

it was dark i looked in the bushesh some one was hunting mevotri

caisus come up and spryed me with a mysteriouse blue spray it froze me in place i could not move this is yor future young one if u do not join us by the 2 year (this year) the 2 day and the 2 hour of the 2 phase

emmey pov


Comment by My Dying Wish (bry and..) on May 20, 2010 at 8:45pm

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