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Alright first off - i'm not even sure if this is where i put my Fanfic haha.
This is also my first fanfic - so hopefully you guys will like it. :)
It's all Nessie's POV, set 7 years after her birth.
* Most characters belong to Steph Meyer.

Photobucket - My ideal Renesmee.

Running. Why am i still running? The darkness was slowly creeping its way along my sides trying to swallow me whole. It was like a mouth of night, trying to overlap me so who knows what could take me.
My breath was coming in short gasps now, with hardly enough breath to completely satisfy myself. I could silently here my heart beating faster than its usually steady beat; i could also hear my intensified blood flow working in unison.
I ran past the evergreens, not waiting to admire their beauty. The landscape was beautiful, just like everything else in this little town of Forks. But i didn’t have any time to think about it – not when my life hanged on the line and something was about to get me.
I could hear myself slowing down, silently giving up. I had been running for the past minutes, away from this stranger who had not shown his face but had covered himself under a cloak of darkness. My feet had gone numb, and i knew i could not go on much longer.
As my last branch of escape I quickly grasped my hands onto the closest rough branch of a tree, and climbed with inhuman speed upwards. Surely nothing could get me up here? I continued my way up through the dark caressing branches until i reached the top.
The moon was shining upon the tops of trees, embodying the area with a mysteriousness that made me want to hide, which was exactly would i should have been doing. I looked back down the tree to see if i could take a look at my attacker, but it was nowhere to be seen. Silence rang around my ears with the faintest sound of wind blowing through the trees. I breathed out a sigh of relief, i was safe.
A breaking of a branch at my side made me turn my attention from the vast expansion of tree tops to where a branch once was – it was now replaced by a man. I could not see his face, but i could tell he was dangerous. He wore the darkest of robes – darker than night – which hung over his face.
Slowly my attacker took a prowling step towards me, which a murderous laugh sounding from under the top of his robe. I quickly looked around for an escape route, with no success. Compared to the smallest of branches there was none. I was toast.
I then did what i could do best – i scream, hoping to alert my family or werewolves that i was in trouble. Quicker than lightning the man was in my face holding a cold hand to my mouth, quieting any signal i would be able to use for help. In his lightning fast movement the top of his robe had fallen off.. allowing me to look at the face of the man. Although he wasn’t a man, or at least not yet. He appeared to be around the same age as me -16-, or my physical age at least as basically i was only really about 7 human years. He was beautiful, but dangerous. His golden hair glowed under the moonlight making him appear as though he was an angel. If looks could kill..
Smirking he quietly lent his head down towards to neck and sank his teeth into the soft spot on the side of my neck while i gargled on my own blood trying to scream..

A soft brush against my cheek awoke me out of my dream. The smell of the forest and wood in the air allowed me to calm myself with the sense i was safe, as Jacob was around. I opened my eyes to look into his. The mere sight of him was enough to make my heart start fluttering as though i was on fire. He was the most handsome, kind person i had ever met. The dark brown hair, deep brown beautiful eyes and that amazing smooth velvety tan skin i could only wish of having one day. He eyes looked at mine with such warmth i wanted to just hold him then and there, but i knew i couldn’t.
“Hey” i whispered, barely audible to human ears. But Jake wasn’t human, so i knew he had heard me clear as a bell.
He responded by smiling even cuter, which made my heart bounce once again.
“You had another nightmare didn’t you Nessie?” he asked softly.
I nodded. It was the same nightmare that had been haunting my nights for the past week. I hadn’t told anyone what had happened in it, as i hardly wanted to think it while out of it. Dad was trickier to get around; he was so good at getting into my head. It seemed as though i should just have my thoughts written along my forehead as there was no point even trying to hide anything from him.
Jake wrapped his arms around my waist and just looked at me. I could tell he was worried, as he always was. He had no choice – he was imprinted on me. It was a kind of an awkward subject to talk about around dad, as he was so set against Jacob – or at least the idea of Jacob and I. But it never seemed to bother me. I remember the time mum discussed the dynamics of it with me..
“Ness, we need to talk” Bella, my mum, called out to me from the living room.
I stuck my head out from the side of the kitchen, and looked at her with confusion. I was currently making a PB&J – don’t parents just pick the worst time?
Hesitantly i made my way to light pastel blue couch in the living room and sat across from my mum. She was the most beautiful person i had ever seen. Her hair twisted in dark wavy curls down to her waist, contrasting in the most amazing way with her fair skin and golden eyes. The pastel couch was pretty much like most other things in the Cullen house. I personally didn’t find what was so interesting about the pastel colours, although they all seemed to be quite fond of it.
“Alright Ness, i think it’s time we have a chat about Jacob” she said, snapping me back from gazing around the room and looking for Jake.
“Yeah okay, what do you wanna say? “i replied.
“Just i want to explain the whole imprint thing you with. Let you understand what your dealing with okay?”
“Mum, honestly. I understand it. Jakes my best friend and always will be. That’s it right?”
“Not quite” Dad murmured as he started walking into the room and sat next to mum, nuzzling his face in her hair as her sat. His bronze hair shimmered under the dining room light, making him look “handsome” as mum had once described it (yuck).
“Oh alright then, well say it. I wanna finish making my sandwich”
Mum shifted her position; this was obviously going to be a long chat. “Nessie. Jacob’s in love with you” she announced shyly. Dad seemed to tense as she said this.
“Well duh. I love him too. Best friends – remember?” i replied smartly.
“Okay, just well. It’s not like that darling. One day when your old enough you two will be together. Not best friends – married. And you may not feel so happy having your life planned out for you like this. But it’s what imprinting is. You two are made for each other – every ounce of your beings will yearn for each other when the time comes. You will want him in more way’s than simply friendship...”
And she went on and on.
With the end of that sentence i snapped back to the now to look upon Jacob once again. I never used to think of him as beautiful, i just thought of him as Jake. But as he lay there holding me with his bare muscled chest in clear view – i had to admit he was so much more than that. I allowed myself to admire the smooth planes of his chest and the perfect chiselled abs.
I didn’t exactly like what mum had said, about my life being lain out for me at least. I never seem to get a say in much around here – and to have a say in something would be nice. But the being perfect for Jake part sounded just right. There’s really nothing i would enjoy more than just being with him - spending eternity with this kind, caring, shape-shifting wolf.
I knew what she was talking about yearning for him. It took most of my self control to stay still. Every part of me tingled where he touched, making the butterflies in my stomach that much worse.
I continued to lie there, gazing into the brown eyes that allowed me to see right into his soul – having no wish to get up and get ready for the school i had to attend that day. But mum’s yell for me to hurry up and get dressed made me do just that.
Jake grinned, knowing i hated the idea of leaving him as much as he hated leaving me, and stood up. He slowly bent down to touch his soft lips to my forehead before jumping out from my two story window. I heard the soft thud as his feet touched the ground, followed by the soft pattering of footsteps as he ran off – most likely into the encroaching forest to phase.
With a grunt i got out of bed, and walked over to my dresser to begin brushing my hair.
People had described me as beautiful, or stunning, or gorgeous all my life. Looking at myself in the mirror now, i didn’t exactly see any of that. My bronze wavy hair reached down to my waist, my skin was far too pale for it’s own good, i was stuck with green eye’s instead of dad’s and mum’s awesome golden ones, and i didn’t have a kick-ass body like Rosalie – i was simply slender, and always had been. When compared to the rest of the Cullen coven, i was hardly even noticeable in contrast to their beauty.
I began brushing the waves in my hair, and continued to get ready for school that day in a sort of dreamlike state thinking about Jacob..
With the sound of the engine cutting i turned to look at dad. He had just drove me to school – thinking i was safe enough now to start at this dreaded Fork’s High.
“Let’s just go over it one more time k Ness?” he said. “You don’t bite any one or hurt anyone, you don’t move to fast, and you at least try to eat the cafeteria food. You might not like it as much as blood but i know you can digest it. If it gets too much just ring me and I’ll be here to get you as soon as i can. Okay?”
I nodded glumly, kissed him on the cheek, and opened the door to step into the rain surrounding Forks High. The sound of his car driving off behind me made me feel unsettled and definitely not ready for this.
With an uncomfortable sigh, i began walking towards the school where i would know have to spend most of my teenage years. I knew i wouldn’t fit in here, the differences between the average kid and myself were vast; they enjoyed spending their free time playing sports while i enjoyed spending mine hunting down and sucking the blood out of animals until their veins were dry, their troubles consisted of parents giving them extra chores or having troubles with friends – i had to deal with knowing i was one of the rarest kind of vampire there is, and that i probably shouldn’t even had existed.
I was quite happy with the knowledge that my parents had been to this school, and found it kind amusing that some of the kids who were still at this school would have gone to school with my parents – funny.
The school itself looked like any other ordinary American school, with the exception that is was completely covered under grey skies and the ground was dangerous with freezing water that could one day remake that incident Mum had told me about with dad saving her squishing like an ant between a van and her Chevrolet.
I’m sure i must have looked lost or upset (the normal face for the new kid), as i began to hear some footsteps synchronizing with mine own behind me. Thankfully i didn’t have to turn around as they ended up stopping me in my tracks by standing in front of me.
“Hi” a smallish girl said tentatively. She was pretty with blonde hair reaching far down her back and carrying a shy smile. Her eyes were the bluest of shades, looking like they belonged in a vast blue sky rather than her eyes.
“Hey” i replied as i smiled back.
“Your the new girl aren’t you? Your Renesmee Cullen right?” she asked shyly.
“Yeah, I am. Haha is it that obvious?”
“Kind of, the principal told me to show you around, is that okay?”
“Sure, i’ll need it.” I replied.
“Okay, yeah, well, just follow me. And i’m El by the way, short for Ellysa.”
“Pleased to meet you.” I replied and she began walking into the school halls. Her walk was short, she walked extremely shyly as though at any moment something could jump out and attack her. With a laugh i realised i was the sort of thing Elisa would be afraid of.
As we walked she explained me the where-a-bout’s of my classes, and introduced to some of my teachers. They all seemed fairly ordinary.
All my life my parents and the Cullens had set me up for this moment. The moment i was not in their proximity and I’d have to deal with controlling myself around this amount of humans. As they walked i could hear their wet heart beating thick, moist blood around their body. Blood that one day would go cold and go to waste unless it went to a good use.. I stopped myself there. I couldn’t afford myself to get these cravings at school, it was too dangerous.
“Humans are friends not food” i silently repeated to myself, hoping to distract myself from the human stock walking alongside me.
I was extremely careful not to touch any of them as they walked past. One touch from me and they would know at once there was something wrong with me, they’d know all about my secret life and all about my family. That we weren’t human, that we were the things people had nightmares about.
The bell sounded, announcing it was the beginning of school and for all the students to get to class.
“I’m heaps sorry, but I’m not in your 1st Period class. But this is it, I’m sure everything will be okay though. Mr Anders is very nice.” She said as she turned to face me.
“Oh okay. Well thanks for everything i guess” i replied.
“No worries, at lunch come sit with my friends and i okay? We’ll save a spot for you.”
“Thankyou” I replied, and with that she began walking the opposite direction to which-ever 1st period class she had, leaving me standing alone about to face my first ever human class.
I walked into it without fear, denying anyone the chance to laugh and find me weak. I was greeted by a booming voice, my guess belonging to the teacher.
“Renesmee!” Mr Anders called, followed by a chorus of laughs from the class.
There was about 30 kids in the class, all 60 eyes staring right at me. I gulped as my stomach sank to the floor, i was so not ready for this. Not only was the smell completely mouth-watering, but i just didn’t feel anywhere near as confident as before.
I smiled tentatively, as i greeted him before walking to the nearest empty seat at the back of the class.
Something about the seat felt off, something felt odd. The air had a sudden chill to it and smelt like the strongest of incense. The smell was coming from my right. I could tell there was something dangerous in here. Hatred was radiating from my right towards me.
I turned my head towards my right, to be completely terrified. It couldn’t be, could it? It was just a dream, wasn’t it? He’s not real.
To answer my completely horrified expression I’m sure was plastered nicely on my face, the boy from my dream nodded in my direction as a violent knowing smile spread across his face.
Oh this was so not good.


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