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NEW FROM ECLIPSE (pleasepleaseplease read!!!)

Okay...forgive me 'cause I've never Blogged before, so don't post anything like "this blog sucks." So, I'm at home today with a head cold, searching on the internet, just trying to kill time. I'm a Twilight fan, (obviosly), so I'm lookin' around for some Twilight news when

Right there in front of me was a whole bunch of movie stills from Eclipse!!! I was all like, "OMJ OMJ OMJ!!! (for all you team Edward people out there it means 'oh my Jacob') I can't beleive this is here!!!" Most of the pictures were just Edward and Bella kissing, but then I found this totally awesome one and I just had to show it to all of my fellow twilighters:

Awesome, right??? And here is another one of the other pictures I found:

That's pretty much it. Well, I hope you enjoy these even more than I do!

(PS: Go team Jacob!)

(PPS: Thank u twilightopia for the fotos! Check out for more.)

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