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It was four months after Edward had left Bella, when my brother and I went to find her because we haven’t hired from her for a month so we got worried. We flowed her sent to la push, the sent lead in to a house, so I knocked on the door. It was the big guy who answered the door at first we wondered what bella would be doing with this guy. Then I cot Bella’s sent and asked if she was there the man said “yes why” and I replied “may I see her”. The guy answered yes and led us in, once Bella saw us she ran and hugged us both. Then I had to ask why she was here? “Because I’m handing out with my friends” she replied then I said “I’m done with the lies Bella now tell me what is wrong” she sighted and told me that a vampire was after her..Again. I just started shaking my head when James asked “why and tell me the truth” so Bella explained what happened in Arizona. Then I made a little comment “hey bro your fames” then his teeth clenched and he said “don’t you ever compare me to those blood suckers.” Then the little house became very silent and it was Sam who broke the silences when he asked “how do you know about vampires” I answered that one “because they are my packs enemy, how do you know what they are?” he only asked another question “your pack?” I answered “yep my pack” “I thought your brother was the alpha” “nope I am what you never seen a female wolf before?” “No I haven’t that why I’m asking” you have a lot to learn kid was all I said as we left well that and call me if anything happens to Bella.
A month later Bella finally calls and said that Edward came back. Well she went and got him and then told me the entire story from when I left to now. I told her to ask Edward to kick Jacob’s butt for taking her cliff diving. She asked him and he said “happy to help” then I asked Bella “what happened and how is Charlie?” Bella told me that Jake told her dad about the bikes and that she wants to kill him for that and Charlie is fine and overprotective as always. A week later Bella e-mails and told me that she wants to visit her mom and wanted to know if I would go with her. I said “sorry I have a bad vampire loose and were going hunting this weekend and tell your boyfriend I said hello”. Bella wrote me back Edward said hi and that’s too bad but not to worry Edward was going with her. So I wrote “good luck with Charlie on that ;) and tell Edward to enjoy the sun.” All she wrote was “ha ha and thanks” that was all I heard from her for weeks then a sudden e-mail saying “a vampire was in her room and she was graduating in a week.” “does Edward know, and congratulations can I come?” “yes why wouldn’t you be there and yes he knows” was what she wrote until the day before her graduation. That day I asked her if she was becoming a vampire? She answered “yes after graduation” “then I’m happy I get to see you before then and I’ll be coming and checking up on you.” This is all there was  thank you. Two days after the party she e-mails me saying “she was getting married” then I wrote “that’s it I’m coming down!”

Meeting the new cousins
The next day we were at Bella’s house. There was a strong sent of vampire around the place. Then Bella and her boyfriend walked around the corner. I said “hey, so this is the fames Edward.” Bella smiled and said “hi, you seem in a good mood” “well I’m the only one” then I looked at James. She followed my gaze then spoke to my brother “you ok” “what do you think, my cousin is getting married and there is a vampire trying to kill her again” “well there’s no one trying to kill me now” James smiled and said “that’s a first” both Bella and l burst up laughing, Edward just roles his eyes. Once Bella stopped laughing she asked “so I’m I forgiven” James rolled his eyes then answered “yes your forgiven now stop giving me the puppy eyes.” “No promises” “you know I’m a sucker for those” after that Bella blushed again. “Why do you keep doing that” was what I asked after she turned normal. Then Bella said “doing what” in a confused tone, “every time James talks to you, you blush that’s what.” James answered “If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell tiff.” I sighed and said “fine I promise.” James sighed too and began “ok a couple of years ago when we did not know that we were cousins” my expression silenced him then I turned my glare on Bella “what happened” I said in an icy voice “well he sort of kissed me” Bella said in a small voice. Then I had a confused look on my face “so you kissed your cousin?” “Like I said we didn’t know we were” James said defending himself. But I wasn’t paying attention my eyes were locked on Edward, which was not happy with that fact. Bella followed my gaze again and saw the same look and whispered “don’t worry I love you the most.” Edward smiled “I know” but it didn’t touch his eyes. I raced one eyebrow and asked “are you alright?” “I’ll be fine, tell me more about you,” “okay, I was born in 1990 in my tribe. From the time I was born the elders trained me for fighting.” I rolled my eyes “but when I change I was in complete control of myself, this surprised the elders.” A little smile appeared “two years later I meet my baby cousin- I looked at Bella- at first I didn’t notices her bad luck then, but that changed when she nearly got ran over when the little monster was 2.” After I finished I looked at Edward, he didn’t look surprised. “Over the years I kept a close eye on her until she stopped coming up to visit Charlie. The reason I didn’t worry was that I noted that she was fine in Arizona.”

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it i s so good

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