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Hey pplz!

I know this isn't too interesting, but I'm really bored. :)

So I'm really hyper right now (but what else is new) about, you guessed it, the new movie release.
I swear, every time I'm in public, and someone mentions New Moon, I have to bite down on my hand really hard to keep from screaming.
During class the other day, I was setting up my poster, and my L.A teacher said " Oh, that's right! New Moon is comming out this week, isn't it? Does anyone know when it's playing?" I screamed. I litterally screamed, while standing in front of my whole class, alone. Everyone looked at me like I was loony. (ironic enough, I'm exactly that) Mrs. W.A took me by surprise, 'cause we weren't even talking about anything even related to that, but then everyoine started laughing. I think they understood, because I am well-known as the Twicrazed Fanatic.. So I didn`t embarass myself too badly. :)

Peace, Love, Smiles,
Jaz C.

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