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hi guys just writing to tell you about wat i think to be a probable book error in new moon disaster rite lol!! So in chapter 17 of new moon alice arrives and the first thing bella see's to know a cullen is in her house is the black mecades outside her house ( chapter 16 p378) and then later when bella's talkin to alice, alice tells bella she flew there from denali (chapter 17 p393) and also alice says "when i saw you jumping , I didn't think,I just got on a plane." (chapter 17 p384) so correct mi if im wrong but how did alice hav carlisles merc when she flew, by plane, i've never been on a plane but i pretty sure you can't transport cars on a plane!!!?? i dunno it just doesn't reli make sense to mi. Also another book error in new moon at the end of chapter 6 bella says
" it was a year ago yesterday i had mi first day here" baring in mind this is a monday so a year ago would make it a sunday cuz every year the day moves one forward (e.g today is monday 16 feb next year it will be tuesday 16 feb so last year it was saturday the 16 feb) then you also hav to take off another day cuz bella says a year agoyesterday so it wld be a saturday (bella 1st day was def on a monday i checked)so it still dont make sense so it can't hav been a year ago yesterday cld it. does any one understand wat i'm talkin about? i havent explained very well have i ? lol well if any one understands me tell mi and also if u think i'm wrong tell me and explain y plz!!
with love
Alice Cullen's Black Roses

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Comment by Bella on March 9, 2009 at 3:20pm
would the cullens have left their car in the garage of the house and alice used it so she would not look odd to charlie? just a suggestion!

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