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as you all know, i have been to see New Moon today.
and i must say that they kept to the book, the added bits made it awesome and emmett is hilarious :D
i loved every minute of it, i only have a few complaints and they're only tiny weeeeeny complaints.

You could tell that there was a new director, the whole mood of the movie was different (for the better) and i cried when edward left, it was so sad and it was carried out to perfection :)

I admit, i was worried about the bit with Carlisle at the Cullens house on Bella's birthday, I was hoping so much that they'd get all of it in, they did put some of it in and it was brilliant, but it didn't have any of the bits where Carlisle tells Bella about Edward's history, it's more about his soul. I would have preferred to have had the bit about his soul and his mother, as i think it is an important part of the book. we finally get to see more about our beloved Edward.

For all you Jacob fans out there.... there is lots... and i mean lots of topless Taylor, so get ready to swoon.

okay, i really need to stop staring at that picture.... maybe a few more minutes won't hurt.

Yes, Guys, i fell in love with this movie, and i'm sure you all will too.

The BIGGEST problem that i have with the movie is that god damned cliffhanger. GRRRRRRRRRR
i can't wait till Eclipse now.
anyway, thanks for reading

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Comment by Ellie!! on November 30, 2009 at 1:19pm
:) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

i've seen it three times now,
rofl, hasta la vista indeed :L

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