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I've been away from my family for six months now, and i miss them like crazy. but i cant go back they remind me of my past and she's in my past. i cant even say her name without laying on the ground and curling up into a ball. Every once in a while i call my family but thats it.

"Edward please come home," esme pleaded me"we miss you so much and i dont want to lose you son."

"Sorry esme. but i dont think im going to come back anytime soon."

"ok," she sighed "but at least call more often, please?"

"i'll see what i could do,bye esme"

"bye Edward."

i cant stop thinking about bella. i would have to check on her just to see how she's doing. if she's happy then i'll leave her alone but if she isnt hopefully she will forgive me. but if she wouldnt forgive me i would be heart broken.

it wasnt until two days later i got a phone call....


"Edward?! it's rosalie, alice just had a vision that bella jumped off a cliff!"

"what?" i was devastated

"yea, we think she....that she...passed.

" bye was nice having you as a sister."

"Edwa-" but i hung up the phone. thats when i started running towards italy.

* * *

"your request is to die?" Aro breathed

"yes,Aro, i wish to not live any longer." i said this with a firm voice.

" well, WE do not want you to not exist. do you wish to join us?"

"no, i just simply dont want"

"we cant just kill you. it'd bad for our reputation"

"i understand, but you'll have a reason soon enough...."

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Comment by Juliet Haliwell Hale on September 12, 2010 at 11:43am
plese keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!

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