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NEW MOON movie news: Aro casting confirmed!

Michael Sheen (Underworld, Frost/Nixon) has been confirmed as Aro, leader of the Volturi, for New Moon. The film's director, Chris Weitz confirmed the casting: "Michael's role is so important because he's the head of all vampires. Aro is, on the surface, a very gracious and friendly vampire, but beneath that he is a tremendous threat."

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Comment by Jean Cullen on April 21, 2009 at 12:10pm
Though another thing I realize, is that it's not twilight, it's a movie bassed on twilight, which means that they have the right to put what ever they want in it. Or take anything they want out of it.
Comment by Jean Cullen on April 21, 2009 at 12:02pm
So do I, if you don't love it, it's because you have a stupid reason, or your a cathlic or something and you can't watch or read it! But something that really got under my sadle is that fact that they couldn't put a very important sence in the movie, they didn't put in the scene in Carlisle office, I mean comon! It leads into the next book!!!!! I'm just can't believe they didn't put it in there, such an important scene like that. I mean small but very important!!!
Comment by Deanar125 on April 20, 2009 at 9:33pm
I thought Catherine Hardwicke was a great director. The landscape was wonderful and the story was great.What do you expect of this film? Catherine doesn't write the books and neither do the screenwriters sooo, it's not gonna be word for word as it was in the book or it would be more than two hours long.......That was the best movie i have ever seen and the chemistry between kristen and rob was PHENOM!! they couldn't have picked better people for the roles. if you don't agree then at least give them props to play hard roles. you can't fit all of the moments and feelings from the book into the movie. The movie has to summarize what feelings you capture in the book. Theey can't slowly fall in love. also time has passed in the scenes by weeks sometimes. that's what i have to say. I was ecstatic about the movie and it helped me visualize what happened in the book better. and I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!
Comment by Littlestrongheart on April 20, 2009 at 8:37pm
And just one more thing - when the studio buys the rights to make the film, it is out of Stephenie's hands. The only thing they (studio) wants her for, is to consult on things. And even then they (studio) are not obligated to listen to her at all, it is a courtesy. The studio allows her to have what ever creative control they see fit as long as it doesn't interfere with getting it done, it is all in legal binding contracts. They have purchased the rights to make these movies and use her books as a "loose" guideline for the films. The studio is going to do what they want, the studio has the $$ to put behind these films and to see that they get made, and the compromise is it gets made their way.
Comment by Littlestrongheart on April 20, 2009 at 8:34pm
I have turned into a Twilight junky, and at my age is embarrassing - almost. I must say that Catherine Hardwicke could have made some better choices in the editing room, as well as filming. She could have taken out all of the landscape and area shots, the stupid crane scene and matrix effect, and concentrated on the story line.
Developed Edward and Bella's relationship more, and not spin off into left field and come up with the whole Nomads hunting, or the Waylin and security guard characters or eating in the diner all the time. That took time away from other things that should have been more developed, the film would have moved along just fine.
I do not like that Alice and Emmett were excluded from the jeep scene, and that ALL of them were excluded from prom.
And the most important scene, the one that started this whole adventure for all of us... the reveal, there is NO reason why it could not have been done like it was written in the book, that was the biggest disappointment of all. The only thing I can say was good about that, was she took the time and was concerned about the "sparkle" effect.
What I think was important - in the book showed that even though Bella was human, they were willing to accept her because of Edward loving her so much. There could have been more interaction with family members instead of the nonsense she put in the movie.
There is no reason why the extended scenes could not have been put into the film...just before the baseball game, was funny...after they jumped out his bedroom, between Esme and Carlise, very special and sweet, showed the love that the family is bound by. The only thing that was in the movie that was from the book was - MOST - of the dialogue.
I hope that this new director has a better "vision" of the books then Catherine did.
There is no reason why the stories we have fallen in love with cannot be put on the screen, in a way that reflects the content of the books, the spirit, love and emotions should never be the things sacrificed for the sake of the transition to film. There are slow spots in EVERY film EVER made.
The Studio needs to realize these books have sold billions - and they have a sure fire box office hit, no matter how they butcher it - the fans will pay to see them all - but for the sake of the work, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this franchise, they should at least honor the fans as well as Stephenie, and see what we all have fallen in love with. The obligation should fall on them (the studio) to be as close to the books as possible. The studio cannot rely on there typical demographics to pigeon hole this audience - because it touches all age groups - we each have found something to identify with in these books, even if it was remembering what it was like in high school and the love at first sight thing - or the hope/illusion that there is that kind of love out there... somewhere.
I hope and pray that the films will only get better, because there is too much for the studio to screw up if they are not careful - or if they just don't care about us, thinking we are stupid enough not to notice, all it ever comes down to for them (studio) is the almighty $$$$$.
I just feel empty about going into New Moon, because in the books their love had been declared over and over again, and he was with her every night, they had truly become linked on a level that few have ever been. So when he left, (and I had that pain in my throat, trying not to cry ) because there are those of us out there that know what that kind of pain feels like - when someone leaves like that.
That kind of connection wasn't established in the movie, so when he leaves in New Moon it will not have the same meaning - it was left in the air, an - "Oh well, get over it" - kind of moment, no soul commitment between them at all.

I am just one that is hoping for better things to come - and the studio, I hope delivers.
Comment by Jessica Kaylor on April 20, 2009 at 2:36pm
I fully beleive that Kristen Stewart did not FEEL like Bella in the Twilight movie...but I also was sort of dissappointed in the film, comparatively speaking. It is understandable that a director most dutifully edit when filming in order to keep a movie at an acceptable running time. Adding scenes is not always necessary either. So a person hasn't read the books, O.K. not the directors problem. Catering to that can be dissasterous to the essance of the original, the novel. And in the film there were a few too many added. I am not a dirrector. I do not want to sound as if I know better. I just think that the story stands on it's own very well, and that there had to have been a way to leave it true to it's form without compromising that with unnecassary dribble designed to merely be pleasing to the eye. I truelly am a fan of the books, and I do like the movie, I just felt slightly cheated.
Comment by Anna Marie Martin on April 20, 2009 at 1:00pm
Vampires Are Sooo Sezy.....!!!!!!!! Expecially Edward Cullen
Comment by Bella Cullen on April 20, 2009 at 11:13am
its good to now that my husbandis loved
Comment by cheryl kelly on April 19, 2009 at 9:35pm
a few thngs i wanna say: bella is soo right for edward (besides me). michael sheen shud not play aro. but omg omg omg i cant wait til new moon. my sis hates the movie. its okay u can all call her names. i do. #1 TWILIGHT FAN!!!!!!!
Comment by TIFF SINGH on April 19, 2009 at 7:51pm

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