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New Moon Movie Review. *****SPOILERS!!*****

Okay people,

I saw new moon during the midnight showing of new moon. Yeah i said the midnight showing. Lets see where to start?

Okay the beginning was good, unoriginal to say the least, the movie starts at the near end where we see bella running down the streets of italy trying to get to edward before it's too late. Then we go to bella waking up on her birthday.

Blah blah blah the birthday party, now i don't know about anyone else, but i was really anxious to see how well they put this scene together since it is a HUGE part of the plot. It felt much too quick, like okay hurry hurry we have to get to the next scene. Yeah we got the gist of what was happening, but i felt it needed a bit more.

The one scene that i say bravo to was the kiss out side of bella's house after jaspers display at the party. It was so full of emotions my breath caught in my throat while watching it, the moment was ruined by the many screaming girls behind, in front and all around me, but still a+ for the sad kiss.

The forest scene, you ALL know which one, it was just right. Just the right amount of saddness. Edward(rob patterson) played his role of hero leaving to save the damsel just right. The chase (bella following edward deeper into the woods) was wonderful. the way the sky got darker and her clothes were suddenly muddy and scratched up, really just great.

A scene that i feel should be mentioned was not a big part of the movie but all the actors involved did a amazing job, it's the scene where everyone is searching for bella who is unknowingly lost in the woods. When sam finds her and brings her safetly home, the reactions of jacob, charlie and all the backround actors made that small scene pop.

When the months pass and bella is in her "zombie" state the way the camera circled her to show the months passing with out any emotion or change was really well done.

When bella made her hastey plans to see a movie with jessica she see who she thinks are the men who tried to hurt her during the shopping scene in twilight. I don't understand what they were thinking having bella ride with some random creepy biker guy. I didn't like it and to me it didn't really make any sense.

Now the way edward would apear when bella was doing something stupid and reckless is a different matter all together. Instead of bella just hearing edwards voice she actually sees him in some sort of ghost type of misty vision. Really wonderful, it had to be done in a visual way for a movie and i think how they put it together was perfect!

Something they cut out was when bella found the motorcycles. She just apears at jacobs house with 2 motorcycles. What ever, i understand somethings need to be cut out or edited, so i can deal, it wasn't that big of a deal any way.

The jacob and bella scenes(garage/fixing motorcycles/riding said motorcycles)- awwww!! super cute! Taylor was the best jacob black there could be i think. There was talk of replacing him, but in my opinion it would have been a mistake. He did a really great job.

The wolfs- ummm, i think still undecided. I am not that great with computers and i have never tried to make any type or cartoon or animation so i have no idea is the wolves could have been made to look any more realistic. So to that i have to keep my mouth shut.

Emily had a small part in this film, she said her one memorable line "so your the vampire girl", served the giant muffins and got to be lovey dovey with sam, then we never see her again. Small part, good actress.

Cliff scene- good, but nothing like the book, in the book jacob promised bella he would take her cliff diving, in the movie bella just up and decides she's gonna jump off the cliff. It was good regardless. You even get to see why harry clearwater had the heart attack and the little bits of victoria as the mystery "fire" in the water bella saw. When she was drowing i almost really, again another scene to look forward to.

Another small but really well done scene is when edward calls bellas house to see if what rose said was true and bella killed herself. Jacob answers the phone and tells him charlie is not home he is planning a funeral. The funeral as every twilight fan knows is for Harry Clearwater, but edward of course thinks the worst. When jacob tells edward this we see edward in a tiny room, his clothes are torn and he is so heartbroken that he literally crushes the cell phone with one hand. Ahhhhh, so good.

Another mentionable bella/jacob scene- when bella and alice are in the car ready to make the trip to italy to save edward, jacob does everything he can to stop bella from going, heart breaking and as good as it gets.

Now we are back at the beginning, bella is running down the crowded streets with no time to spare trying to find edward before it's too late. This is another scene that was as good as i had hoped. They even put in the family that see's the whole thing go down. One thing i didn't love was the fact the bella and edward had there you don't love me so don't kill youself cause you feel bad/ no i really do love you why did you believe my lie so easily? speech. They did not have that speech after they returned home in bella's room, instead they had the conversation much too quickly inside the doors of the building they jumped into when bella tired to push edward out of the light. I thought it was rushed and not half as good as it could have been.

The Volturi- everyone, no matter how small the part, worked very well together. There was a fight between a few of the lower level volturi and edward and alice that was not in the books. I'm not sure why this was added, it served no real use that i could see and i thought once you fight the volturi thats really the end of you, so kinda confusing. It did show how much bella loved edward when at one point she offered herself in his place to die. Aro was impressed and released them, with a warning not to take to long in bella's change.

Well our hero's were leaving the villians place of hiding we see the group of unsuspecting tourists being lead to their deaths, the whole thing is made just that more upsetting that the camera pans out to show us a family including two young children and a few older people and just before bella, alice and edward can get out the door we hears screams.

The next scene bella wakes from her nightmares of the screaming tourists to see edward, now this was upsetting, she was not confused at all, she didn't think she had died or do anything from that scene. She didn't even have the huge end all fight with charlie where she threatens to move out if he won't let him see edward again. I was very dissapointed with how this scene went down. Really not what i was hoping for i feel this is a important scene and it was ruined.

Bella and edward go to the cullens home to have the vote, the votes go down the way it did almost to the letter in the book, although not at a table and edward was not half as angry as he should have been. 'Mah to this scene. Thumbs up, but my thumb is frowning, so take that as you will.

_The last scene- Bella and edward are driving along talking about who she would like to have change her and as the take a sharp corner theres our favorite half naked wolf jacob. They get out of the car and wander into a woody area, jacob tells them the message, bit not kill, then bella asks edward if jacob will hurt her! What!?! A big part of bella and jacobs relationship is that bella does not see him any different then she would mike, to her he is as normal as she is used to and she would never dream that he COULD hurt her. Then she tells him she loves him, which is a HUGE part of eclipse. She says i love you but don't make me choose because i'll choose him, He gets mad turns into a wolf bella gets between them, which i like, but any twilight fan knows edward whould never allow to happen. And no he does not bring the motorcycle to charlie. Then right after jacob leaves edward gives bella his condition for turing her. Marry me.......and the screen goes black.

Well hope i didn't ruin it for you, but trust me i left a bunch of stuff out as did the people that made this movie and before you get mad at the mrs. meyers please note she had about as much say in the movie as we did.

Thanks for reading!!! till next time when i have nothing to do and can't sleep, see ya later.


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