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I screamed, it was all I could do. The fire raced through me. I grabbed for something to hold onto and heard laughter. Victoria's ugly horrid voice came into my ear.
"Like how it burns, Bella?" she asked. "This is how I felt when Edward killed James. But a wonder why he left you so alone."
So alone, I thought. I was alone. No Jacob, Edward, or Alice could save me now. More screams ripped through my throat. Hell, this felt worse than hell. I wasn't even dying.
"He doesn't want you anymore. He never wanted you to become a vampire in the first place, am I right?" she said. I was unable to reply because my screams would not stop. It was actually beginning to rub my throat raw. "So imagine that you now must roam the earth. I doubt you could kill yourself, though." she laughed abruptly and I shied away from the her nasal sounding hysteria. "Edward will be so broken when he finds that it was his fault again for technically killing you. If he hadn't left none of this would've happened," she sighed. "Oh well." I could see her shrug through the terrifying haziness of my fading eyesight. Fear threading through my pain and I began to cry. She laughed again as I screamed louder. "I'm going to leave now. You'll just have to make sure you don't kill anyone on your own because I know how shredded that would make you inside." The last thing I saw was Victoria take off through the woods. Her red flaming hair flashed behind her.1

It could have been hours, probably days. But it felt like weeks, months, years. Finally after a time the pain subsided. But not before it rushed forward into my heart changing me completely. The fire burned to an inferno. I was left in dry heaves until I was able to stand up. Everything I knew so far was blurry.
I slowly got to my feet and looked around. My eyes were blown. They hurt, but my retinas were working in overdrive. I could see every little molecule. Everything around me.
Blood. I looked around, a sudden blood lust made me twitch. My mouth watered and my senses went overboard. My skin felt stretched tight. Like rubber pulled over a hard flat surface. Blood. The one word sent tingles through me and I took off.
White flashed and I turned growling low in my throat. Mine. Blood. Mine. A familiar face appeared in front of me. Laurent?
"So Victoria really was able to do it," he said staring at me in amazement. "I never would've been able to do it."
"Laurent?" I said. My voice was ringing like bells. It was beautiful, even to me. "help?" I asked hopefully. He sighed shaking his head.
"Oh no, Bella," he replied and all my hope crashed down leaving me more terrified and damaged than before. "I'm sorry. But I promised Victoria I would not help you. She really does want you to suffer." He smiled flashing his teeth and turned. "But good luck." He was gone before I could reach out and beg again for help.
The darkness of the forest crept up and the smell of blood faded. I was so hungry my body aching for the need of blood. I wrinkled my nose at the thought of me drinking blood. But then my mouth grew sore and watery again. The moon was rising as I followed a dead soundless path.
A burning wood smell entered my nostrils. Like a fire of rich fresh leaves. It stank in my senses. The rank of it was an invasion. But there was a familiar tinge to it. I followed the disgusting gross smell silently praying and not daring myself to hope again.

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