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My head was spinning. My stomach was cramping with a strong need I didn't recognize. Red was in my vision. I hazily crept forward through the wood. The sun was glaring down at me. I squinted my eyes and looked around at the strong smell that had pulled me here.
"Bella?" A familiar voice said in horror. Jacob? I turned around in a circle. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed him. He stared at me in obvious pain, shock, and sorrow. I stumbled a little forward and stopped when he backed away. I smelled him and shrank back too covering my burning nose.
"Jacob, get away from me," I choked. He stood and stared at me. A shiver ran down my arms and neck. When Jacob didn't move I screamed. "Run!" He looked at me suddenly serious and determined.
"No," he said calmly. I shook my head. I couldn't believe how idiotic he was being right then. My memories felt fuzzy. It was all I could do not to jump on him and rip his throat out. I rubbed my cool smooth skin and licked my lips. "Bella, do you know what's happened to you?" he asked. I shook my head again.
"I'm going to kill someone," I gasped in pain as my need shot through my system. "Oh, god! no I don't want to. I'm going to hurt you if you come near me, Jacob. I won't be able to stop." Horror settled into my system and I collapsed on the ground. Jacob tried to move towards me. A low growl ripped out of my throat so suddenly I couldn't believe it came from me. It stopped him in his tracks. I was aware of a few others coming closer.
"Jacob, back off from her," I heard Sam's voice say sadly. I looked up and saw through a blurry vision Sam, Jacob, and two others Paul and Jared I assumed. I'd heard about them... or at least I guess I did. I couldn't really remember. It was too weird and strange how mixed up I was.
"Bella I am sorry," Sam said. I knew his intentions the instant hair began sprouting all over his body. He tore off his shirt and pants as he changed from a human to a werewolf. I closed my eyes and sighed. I wouldn't fight I decided. Or at least I would try as hard as I could to let them kill me. I'd rather die than kill someone.
"Okay," I breathed. "Okay." I looked down and sighed. "But she's coming back," I quickly warned. "This will start a war between you and the Cullen's. I think and she will be happy for that and my death. Her names Victoria, she bit me. She'll come back. You have to protect Charlie and everyone else, please." I looked up and knew I would have been crying had I been able to. I pleaded with my eyes but was more than shocked as Sam reverted back to human and stared at me as he donned on his pants.
"What are you doing?" Paul...I think asked angry. He glared at me and then Jacob and Sam.
"It's okay, just protect everyone else. Please, if you kill me I won't hurt anyone," I said slowly. Sam shook his head and looked up past me.
"Dr. Cullen," he said harshly I turned around and found Carlisle's sad pained and pale face next to mine.
"Bella," he said brushing my face with his finger tips. Emmett was right behind him. He looked down at me a little shocked. I closed my eyes and held onto Carlisle. I sobbed into his shirt.
"She said a Victoria bit her," Sam said. He was staring at Carlisle as he picked me up and handed me over to Emmett. Who I clutched to and held on as he turned around. I squeezed my eyes closed and made sure I couldn't hear anything or anyone. Emmett was running and I looked up.
"Were you crossing the boundaries?" I asked blankly.
"Yes, but this is okay because we were retrieving a newborn." He didn't look down and I realized this was the most serious I'd ever seen him.
"I missed you," I sighed. "I missed everyone..Alice, Esme. Even Rosalie at times." He chuckled and then stopped. It was short but full of warmth. That warmth assured me that everything would be okay.

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