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She knew she didn't sleep anymore. She didn't need the energy. She now had forever unending energy. But Bella still lay still in bed if not to sleep, then to think. Her head was filled with scary things. Things she didn't know could exist there.
Her feelings of murder towards Victoria. Her broken heart ripe with anticipation that Edward would soon be here with her. The fear when she was near Jake and his friends, no matter if they were werewolves, but just the knowing she could kill or hurt them without meaning to.
A cold draft went over her undead skin and Bella shivered. Which was odd because she was already ice cold. But then the rich honey golden voice that had always made her shiver before, but for a completely different reason. He was outside the room and talking to Rosalie.
"I hope you haven't said anything to her, Rose," He sounded tired.
"No, Edward, I haven't. But she doesn't like this. She began cussing out a storm and broke down with Alice earlier," Rosalie's voice wasn't as tired but just as worn. The door opened.
"Thanks, Rose. Please, give us a while," he closed the door behind him. She didn't dare sit up. He didn't say anything at first. He just approached the bed she was laying on with caution. He slipped himself between the covers and gently put his hand around her waist.
"This feels so strange," Bella gasped faking a half laugh. "After all I should be sleepy shouldn't I?" He didn't answer and Bella wanted to cry. But now that she was a vampire she couldn't. She couldn't do a lot of things...
"Bella," Edward began.
"I missed you," she said at the same time. He was quiet as he kissed her ear and then the side of her forehead. His scent was much stronger now and man was he intoxicating.
"I know, I missed you too," Edward's voice was a little rough. Uneven at best. Slowly, ever so slowly. Afraid he wasn't real and might disappear if she moved to fast Bella turned and faced him.
"Why are you here?" she demanded. His face was drawn and pale. Maybe a little like her's in beauty and texture.
"You don't really think I wouldn't come to you?" he asked. "God, Bella. I love you so much. I lied to you." He sat up and so did she. He was holding her head in his hands. For once he didn't have to be careful. He didn't worry about crushing her head and instead just let the words fall. "God, every word burned in my mouth when I told you I didn't love you. I knew you weren't going to let go. But the moment those words left my lips you were collapsing and so sure they were true. Why, Bella? How could you believe me?" He shook his head and looked at her.
No response formed in her brain. Much less of one in her mouth. She just stared at him with wonder and awe. Much like she used to when she was human. Even now with him beside her, with her life or existence or whatever the hell it was, now changed forever. She still felt like the luckiest if not the only girl in the universe. His eyes, his honey rich, golden brown eyes, could do that to her. Of course though right now they were darker. Dangerous, with black edges and brown mixed in with the honey color.
"Why?" Edward asked one more time. Though she now knew her voice had stopped functioning and she couldn't say anything. He leaned forward. Closer and closer until his icy lips, now warm to her, touched her skin. The hollow just below her ear. He trailed a fiery path from there downward over her jaw and then across her cheek until finally ending on her mouth.
Her mouth opened and he plundered. Everything she felt was fire. Cold icy frozen fire. Burning her hot and freezing her over. She touched his chest and he grabbed a hold of the back of her shirt. She was over him. Wild and uncontrolled in her need to have him closer to her.
"Edward, what are we going to do?" Bella asked as she was able to finally pull herself away. He didn't look like he was done. Not nearly done just yet.
"Kill Victoria," he said calmly.

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