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hey twilighters! since you are all twilight fans, you've probably been keeping tabs on the new moon update. therefore you have probably seen the leaked photos of almost all the twilight,-now new moon cast- taking a smoke break. if you haven't seen the pictures, then you should google them right now! I was rather shocked that nikki reed was smoking too! but, we've already established rob and kristen's cigarrette addict, so most of us are cool with that! but, I wanna know what you think about this thing. I'm just relieved that taylor lautner and jackson rathbone and ashley greene are not smoking. They were seen having coffee breaks in vancouver. I mean like, if they were smoking to keep themselves warm, they should drink something warm instead of inhaling something. I wanna know what you guys think about this scandal, or if it even is a scandal for you. I've argued with myself for an hour and I've come up with a pretty good excuse to still like the cast and nikki:
1.Nikki is really nice
2.It doesn't matter as long as they do a good job with the movie
3.It's their health, why should I care?
4.They are all adults now, so they can take care of themselves
5.It's their life so, they can do whatever they want.
I know I'm going way over board with this but, I have a strict rule about drinking and especially smoking! so......what do you guys think???

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