The Twilight Saga

"Edward don't! She'll see you!"

V1: You walk out of hiding, and I warn you it's not safe to come out. You don't miss a beat, you keep walking. It's like diamonds, the sun brings the sparkle out. I think to myself 'Oh well, it's too late now' I put my arm around you and we walk up to her. Everything is crazy, nothing seems right, I start to introduce you, then I realize the truth: I am her. I wake up from my dream and sit up in my bed. When I get to school, you're there and I suddenly feel better about everything but I'm still not happy because everyday I'm dying and you're frozen in time.

Chorus: You said I wasn't safe, that I don't belong in your world. You left me here, broken and incomplete. You told me you wouldnt come back and you didn't want me. So he has to stitch me up. I miss you so much I wish you were still here. You said you wouldn't live without me but you left me anyway. Second best is what I'm left with, and I try not to hurt him, but I do, and he hurts me too. Ever since you left, my life is dark, it's like there's a new moon.

V2: I'm broken apart, there's a growing hole in my heart. I feel the pain everyday. I can't get you out of my mind. The nightmare comes back to haunt me every time I close my eyes. When I'm around him, I learn to deal with the pain. I numb it before it can numb me. But even he can't keep the bad dream away. I can't handle it anymore, I know what it takes and what I have to do to see you again. It's all for fun. so I take in the rush as I jump into the dark, icy water.


Bridge: He takes me home and I try to get out of my truck. "Wait." he says. "It's not safe". I tell him I'll be ok, he warns me that he can't protect me here. "Oh well" I say. I walk inside, into the darkness. I turn on the light and all of a sudden, I'm shocked. There she stands, then she yells at me, telling me how much she worried. He comes back to make sure I'm ok, then the phone rings.

V3: She rushes back in, panicking, warning me that you're not safe. Now, it's my turn to be the hero. We leave as fast as we can to get to you. I make it just in time. You don't want me to get hurt, so you take the pain for me. I never want to see you hurt so much again. After we return, he confronts you. It would be an ugly fight. I force him to leave and you are there waiting for me with open arms and a surprise . . .

Chorus (2x)

"Marry me, Bella."



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