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just the other day i watched new moon with my cousins. hey didnt seem to get the point why so many people were addicted to the twilight saga. anyways, the movie was great it even showcased a scene from breaking dawn ,,,, you know, the first hunt scene? it was great especially taylor lautner a.k.a jacob black. he was a knight in shining armor for bella but edward is still my man. he's so cute when he's in pain and regret. edward's kinda weird but he remains cute throughout the whole movie. he's not the type falling in love with for me, but he's the type of guy you wanna hang out and be friends with. it'll be cool if that happens unfortunately, hollywood only allows people who are as famous as stars to meet with them . really unfair if you ask me! but it's a good thing they have promos wherein when you win, you get to spend a day with a celebrity.
let's talk about twilight saga. this sucks because they changed some things in the movie which showcases differences . they changed the cullen's wonderful house, they changed victoria and they changed the director. but i have to admit new moon movie is better than twilight because of the special effects. twilight was kinda yawning because of its dark and awefully quiet background. new moon was cool because of the bright movie quality and the soundtracks , just the way i liked it. hopefully eclipse would be betterER and breaking dawn would be the best because it is the best for me.
i don't have a lot of friends but i am looking forward to meeting more twilight fans so add me please!

team twilight keep up the great job and you'll become a legend!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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Comment by linda boler on December 21, 2009 at 6:33am
hi this is linda and i read ur little thing and i am a big twilight fan myself if u ask me i would make u 1 of my friends but see thats the point i dont no how 2 do that so u can add me o i am 4 getting something o yea good bye

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