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Dear Twilight Fans
The new Site Rules and Guidelines are now in effect.  We know that there has been a lot of talk about these new rules on the site, so we want to further clarify the objectives for closing down some groups. 

Ultimately we want this site to be a safe and fun place for the Twilight fandom.  To do this, we need to remove some groups and tighten up some of the guidelines.  We are not looking to punish anyone or discourage fan interaction outside of Twilight.  We recognize that some of the super fans on the site will have and want off-topic groups.  These groups will not necessarily be taken down.  That is what the appeals process is for. 

This week the moderators are going to start identifying groups that do not meet the new criteria and emails will begin to go out.  They will include:
  • the date your group will be closed
  • the rules for appealing a closure 
  • a link to the official appeals page

Upon receipt of the email, the group creator will have 2 weeks to appeal the decision before anything is done.    The moderators and administrators will read each petition and groups will be saved...we promise.  Your voice has always been heard on the site and it will continue to be as we implement the changes.

Thanks again for your patience and support…
Your moderators and admin team!

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