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OK, so I wrote this song on Monday. I was noodling around on the guitar and found a really cool cord, built a progression, then started singing to it. The first four lines came pretty easily then I started crying. I really wasn't feeling sad at all until the song started happening, so I have no idea where it's coming from. I can hear an arrangement in my head with piano, strings, and a dreamy harmony.

If life is just a shadow show

Then what is real, I do not know.

Glory be,

To the soul set free

May you fly so high

In the empty sky.

What can I do to break myself from you?

When love is the only binding that's true.

Glory be,

You solved the mystery

May your wings take you to

The fading blue.

How can I live without you here?

My heart is hollow and filled with fear.

Glory be,

I hold your memory

Now you're out of sight

On your silent flight.

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