The Twilight Saga

New Student of DOOM-an Invader Zim story

Chapter 1-Skool day of doom!

Zim,Dib,and Gaz were walking to skool like a regular day,but Zim has a feeling somthing weird was gonna happen.
"Then...I saw him!! I SAW HIM!!!Hes an alien Gaz!!!"Dib yelled
"Give it up,Dib monkey!Nobody'll belive u."Zim smiled with satisfactory.Dib sighed.He knew Zim was right.I will get victory!! Dib thought.
"You just wait just wait...."
"WOULD YOU TWO BE QUIET!!!IM TRYING TO BEAT THIS GAME HERE!!!"Gaz screamed.Both,Dib and Zim were terrified of Gaz.They finally got to school and they went their seperate ways.When Dib and Zim walked in the class they gasped.They just got what was probably the worst surprise of their lifetime!

MiMi-I own none of the characters!!!Only the story....=)OH! and sorry its short!

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