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O.M.G! I honestly and truly love this movie! The twisted ending left me speechless! After the movie I couldn't stop calling all of my friends! They kept telling me to calm down! My little sister, Emma, is a "Twilight-Hater" Yes, I know you all are probably hating her. Maybe. SHE LOVED TWILIGHT AFTER THAT MOVIE!! I feel so proud of myself for forcing her to go.Anyways, back to topic: I would recommend this movie to anyone possible! I am planning to see it again! And again! And again! Possibly until it comes out on DVD! This very AWESOME movie is one of my TOP WANTS on my Christmas Wish List! So if you are planning on seeing this movie, be sure to make yourself comfortable to watch the your favorite movie EVER! I will love that movie forever. Thank you for reading,

                                                                        Tenise :)

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