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The first time I discovered Twilight at the movies:

I've always loved paranormal anything. I grew up on monster marathons on tv so when I saw the previews I was ready for it to come out. I had never read anything twilight before so it was all new to me. I fell in love instantly. Most of the scenes were done well and the soundtrack was to die for. (There were only three scenes that didn't work well for me.)

Well, after watching the movie I just had to have the book. It was easy since the book store had a display up front. I even bought Vampire Academy since I was in the mood for vamps. I wanted to buy more but didn't have the money to splurge.

I finished it by the next day. Zippity Zap. That was that. The book went along with the movie on many points but I loved the book better for the romance. I felt like I was there with Bella going to school and experiencing the emotions too. I now understood why two scenes were made the way they were. Did I mention I laughed a lot: blood scene, blocking Bella in the parking lot...

The movie was better for the vampire action since the book only mentioned something happening during those parts. Maybe she did that to keep the YA rating?

What was I going to do next? I had Academy to read but I wanted to continue with the Twilight story. I didn't have money to keep buying books. I was literally broke.

What do you think I did?

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