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Before Easter Break, I had no intentions of ever being obsessed with Twilight, I pretty much absolutely hated Twilight and Robert Pattinson, let alone Sci-Fi books. But one night, my friend slept over and we went to get a movie at BlockBuster. After going through quite a few, we got Twilight, excited about it only because we wanted to see how it was, in the end. I settled down with the pillows and blankets on the couch with my friend, and we watched. And watched. And LOVED IT!!! I ABSOLUTELY, no doubt about it, love it more then my friend with me, and I was obsessed right away. Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen was my dream boy, literally, he was IN my dreams. I love him now. Before I hated Twilight for a while, my Dad had bought me the first book and said I could read it. I am not a teen yet, and it was a "Teen List Hot Pick(so it said)", and my Mom disagreed. She didn't let me read it. I was frusturated, but forgot about it soon after. After watching the movie, I started Twilight and finished the New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking dawn books about 2 weeks after, in total. ONE MORE THING: I <3 TWILIGHT!! ONE MORE: BITE ME!(EDWARD CULLEN ONLY) ~Grace Marie Cullen

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