The Twilight Saga

Nightmares- the beginning of a story of half- truthes.

Prologue – NightMares

I woke up with a sharp intake of breath. My head was spinning and my palms were sweating. I’d had another nightmare about … well, that’s not important. I was breathing heavily, my mind was racing, and I thought I was going into shock. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, attempting to clear my head. The nightmares were getting worse. Every night, I relived the day that he had died. He had taken me to the mansion atop Matisse Hill. It was supposed to be haunted and it was the day before Halloween. He wanted to scare me. As we walked up the front steps, I could feel the chills rolling down my spine. I wanted to turn around, but he dragged me forward over the moldy threshold. Inside was dark and dusty. I couldn’t control myself. I was shaking ferociously. He took my hand and tried to calm me down, without any success. He pulled me up the steps of the spiral staircase and stopped in front of a tall oak door. Three deep cuts slashed through the wood creating another wave of panic.
“Shhhh.” He whispered, putting his finger to his lips. I stood there as he walked through the door. As soon as the door closed behind him, I regretted it. As soon as the door closed, I would hear it… his screams. He would yell and scream until suddenly, his screams of terror would turn into low painful moans. He would start to growl like a dog and I would eventually hear his beastly snarls. I would try to open the door but I couldn’t move. I waited, staring at the door, for it to open, and it never did. Not till now…

When I woke up, I could still hear screaming, but I realized that it was me. I stopped and sighed. I was screaming because the door had finally opened, and now I wished it hadn’t, for when the door opened, it wasn’t him anymore… it was a giant, pitch black, hairy beast with razor sharp claws as long as knives and fangs the size of tusks. It resembled a wolf. It jumped at me baring its teeth and extending its claws. That’s when I started screaming. That’s when I woke up.
i really hope whoever reads this enjoys it. its only the first page and i will be writing more. please send me comments.
i appreciate it.
"Believe in the darkness or it will take you."
~Y. I.

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