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I absolutly loved the Twilight saga, but i was dissapointed by the end of Breaking Dawn, because my moto for book writing is "theres no such thing as a happy ending, it just means the story isnt finished yet"
Following this has given me an idea for another book for the serise. hope you like it.

No such thing as a happy ending
Chapter 1

Shortly after, Nahuel and Huilen left. It was odd not having other vampires in the house but in other ways I liked it. It gave Edward and me some family time with Renesmee, some time to ourselves and also gave me some time to work on my Shield.

I gave Emmet another arm wrestle last week, and beat him, again, but after failing the last bet and still spilling jokes about my sex life, the new deal is whenever he makes a joke, I get to humiliate him in-front of the rest of the family by pinning him down. He absolutely hates it so looks like there won’t be many jokes about that subject any time soon, not from Emmet any way!

Nessie is growing up fast, I know she does but at only five months old she looks more like a six or seven year old. Her tarnish brown curls are now down to the small of her back and she is looking more and more like Charlie every day. She is a stubborn little moo, guess she gets that from me and her gift is getting more and more powerful by the minuet. The other day she put her silk soft hand on my cheek and showed me pictures of what I can only guess was the future. It was a picture of her, when she looked about fifteen, and Jacob sitting on the white driftwood tree me and him used to sit.

Does she know more than she is letting on about this whole imprinting thing?

“Edward?” I called, after she ran to Jacob, “come here darling!” The sound of my bell like voice is taking some time to get used to and I still can’t get my head around the fact that I am getting stopped in the street by total strangers and them asking me for my number. Maybe it’s a good thing Edward can’t read my mind don’t want him getting into more trouble with the Volturi.

“Yes Bella!” he replied within a sixteenth of a second after me shouting him, “what can I do for you love?”

“Well, Nessie just showed me something and it just shocked me that’s all.”

“What is it my love?”

“Well, I think Renesmee knows more about the imprinting thing than we think. She just showed me something
from the…future.” I struggled with the last word and I think Edward picked up on that.

“What did she show you Bells? If we know what she is capable of maybe it will give us a better understanding of her gift.”

“She showed me a picture of her and Jacob on the driftwood tree he and I used to sit on, the reason I think it is in the future though is because she looked about fifteen.”

“Carlisle, Jacob? Oh year Carlisle has gone hunting. Jacob, give Nessie to Alice and get over here, now!”

“Yes sir!” Jacob said sarcastically, in his rough husky voice, while saluting Edward at the same time, “I’ll be there
right away, sir.”

“Jacob! Cut that out!” I said to him as a low chuckle erupted from his chest.

“What do you want Edward?” he asked in a slightly less sarcastic tone.

“What have you said to Nessie about…?” He looked around to make sure she wasn’t listening. “About imprinting?” He whispered

“Nothing, why?”

“She showed me a clip of the future; I can only guess that someone has told her about the imprinting thing because it was a picture of you and her of the driftwood tree. You can guess where I’m going with this, right?”

“Maybe Seth or Leah has said something or any of the others, they have imprinted and she has been spending a lot of time over down at La Push – despite what I think about it”

“They wouldn’t have said anything, would they Jacob?” I pleaded before Jacob had the chance to say anything

“Well I’ve told them not to say anything, maybe she has just picked it up, as you said, she has been spending a lot of time down at La Push with the others. To say the least, her and Clair are now quite good-“

A low growl came from somewhere and before I even figured it came from Edward, Emmet was there chanting “Fight, Fight, Fight!”

“Emmet, Shut up!” The three of us chorused.

“Okay!” He said glumly as he shuffled back to his seat.

“As I was saying, she and Clair are now good friends, maybe she has picked up the way Embry is around her and has figured it out herself? She is smarter than she looks you know.”

“Why don’t you just ask he-“

“Emmet, Shut up!” we said again, “Hey, what were you going to say Emmet?”

“I was going to say, why don’t you ask her how she found out? She is going to find out about is some how whether she figures it out or she is told, so I think, your better of telling her now!”

“Edward, when’s Carlisle and Esme back?”

“About an hour, why?”

“We will wait till then and discuss this later, in the mean time; Alice is dragging me off to Seattle to do some shopping…Fun!”

“You do realise if you don’t want to go shopping, you don’t have to, she isn’t your mum, she’s your sister in law and you are my wife, she can take Renesmee shopping and get something for you and we can go back to the house?”

“Emmet don’t say a word!”

“But Bella-“

“Do you want me to pin you again, I didn’t think so, so if I was you I would think before you say anything.”

“She has a point Emmet, say nothing and she won’t pin you. Will you Bella?”

“Well you could tell me when he is thinking about saying one and then I could pin him anyway,”

“Good idea Bells, he’s thinking about one now, go for it!”
Before Emmet could say one word, he was on the floor with me on top of him and then Renesmee joined in and started jumping on him.

“Bella?” Said Emmet as if he was scared of saying something, “I have only just realised how-“

“Emmet shut up!” hissed Edward, from behind me.

“No, it’s alright Edward, I want to know what he was going to say…out of his mouth.”

“Bella, you don’t,” hissed Edward again

“What was it Emmet?” I asked politely

“Get of me and I’ll tell you!”

“Oh sorry, It was so easy; I forgot you were still struggling!” Every one laughed as an embarrassed
expression crossed his face.

“Well it’s just…”

“Emmet. Don’t…”

“No Edward, I think I know what he is going to say, but I want to here him say it himself. Go on Emmet.
Edward and Rose might just kill you after but go on.”

“Well, Bella, Your just darn right gorgeous, your fitter than…”

“Rose,” Edward whispered “you might not want to here this!”

“As I was going to say, your right, Rose and Edward are going to kill me, but…I…think …your fitter…than…”

“It’s your life Emmet!” I butted in.

“I like you Bella, I mean really like you, more than just a sister.”

“I knew it! Since the Volturi, you have been all over me, especially, after our last bet, you have just been saying the jokes so I can pin you, just an excuse to get close to me isn’t it, so you can feel my breath against my skin, to feel my skin against yours. I can’t believe you Emmet. I have always thought of you as a big brother that I can muck around with and embarrass because I’m stronger than. And now you’re taking advantage of that. I hate you Emmet I never want to see you again!”

I ran out the door and as I did I heard Edward say to Emmet. “I told you so!” and then Jacob sticking up for Emmet saying.

“I told you so has a brother; Shut the hell up”

I could tell Edward and rose were chasing after me but I didn’t care, I just ran until I hit the freeway and then I stopped. What do I do? Go back to the cottage. They will be there, I can’t handle rose at the moment. My shield! Can Edward read my mind if I’m not touching him, I can tell him to get Rose out of there so I can go home. Concentrate Bella, concentrate!

I could feel my Shield shifting, but can he read my mind, can he see what I’m thinking. There was that feeling
again, like the first time Edward had read my mind and I knew it had worked. Get rose out of there; get rose out and then it went.

I decided to risk it, to risk going back and when I got home he was smiling, it had worked and he got Rose out.

“Thank you,” I whispered. “I’m glad it worked. I couldn’t have faced her after what happened.” I needed to cry my voice was shaky and I was shaking, “Just remember I could never hurt you, never would I have an affaire, especially not with Emmet, just remember that. Please.”

“You think, that I think that you would have an affair with Emmet! He’s been thinking about what he said since the Volturi came, you got it spot on what you said, that was the reason he kept saying the jokes, just to get you close. Personally I thought you would have handled it worse that that, you could have at least hit him or something.”

“Handled it worse…please tell you didn’t bet on this! Please tell me.” I could tell by the expression that I was right “You ignorant, stupid, ungrateful. Ugh. I hate you. Emmet can stay here tonight; I’m staying back at the house. I’m going to get Alice, go hunt, then Renesmee is going with us to Seattle and we are going shopping. Go and get Emmet and I will go round the other way, I don’t want to see him. Okay!”

When I got out the door, Alice and Renesmee were outside and Alice was bouncing with joy, “I’m so glad you decided to come shopping with us Bella, Wish it was under better circumstances though. Emmet is on his way over, I told him what you said to Edward and he is really sorry. I know that doesn’t mean anything but it is better than nothing. He said he will stay as long as you and Edward need to sort things out…So where we hunting then?”

“Erm, tell Emmet that me and Edward just need some space and that the bet is off. Oh and that next time I see him I will hit him, and it will hurt! Other than that, I think we should hunt Elk at the clearing by the river, Nessie likes it down there.”

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Comment by Irene NIcole Musser on October 17, 2009 at 6:58pm
im sorry but i completely lost interest after the whole Emmet liking bella thing. wrong...just wrong. not to mention ur writing is nothing like Meyers...sorry...but no...good writing for a 14 year old...but its just...not...twilight...sorry hun.
Comment by Blood-Lust on July 21, 2009 at 6:25pm
Comment by Sonia :] on July 21, 2009 at 6:10pm
yup i sure am =D
Comment by Blood-Lust on July 21, 2009 at 6:04pm
yeh, it sed on ur page u were 14
Comment by Sonia :] on July 21, 2009 at 5:58pm
oh its cuz in the message u said i was close to ur age...i was just curious thats all
Comment by Blood-Lust on July 21, 2009 at 5:47pm
13 atm, 14 next month, why???
Comment by Sonia :] on July 21, 2009 at 5:33pm
i was old r u?
Comment by Blood-Lust on July 21, 2009 at 5:32pm
glad you liked it. I am writing more at the moment hopefully it will be as good
Comment by Sonia :] on July 21, 2009 at 5:24pm
that was good and..surpising....i actually stopped reading when i got to the part where emmett told her what he thought of her.....i like freaked out hahaha then i continued to read

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