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I would like to share this question with everyone:

Should Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series Books Be Challenged by the American Library Association?

I was logging on this morning to my Yahoo email account when I read in my news flash the following:

'Twilight' series on list of challenged books by Hillel Italie, AP National Writer for Yahoo News - Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 6:22 am ET -

It states Stephenie Meyer's, the hottest author for young adults since J.K. Rowling, has a new link similar to the creator of "Harry Potter". A place where their books are placed in the high ranks of most complained by parents and educators. It also states that the Christian groups have been fighting for years against theme books having to do with the world of Supernatural events dealing with Vampires and Werewolves. They are also stating the books have sexual contents that should not be available for young adults to read.

Now my question's to the Twilight Fans is the following:

1. Do you agree the American Library Association has the right to decide what books our young adults should read or should it be our parents?

2. Do you agree Twilight books is too mature for our young adults to read?

3. Should the Twilight Saga books created by Stephenie Meyer's be banned from all Libraries worldwide?

4. Is the media, public, politicians and Christian groups be the ones to judge on what our young adults read in their daily life? Or should this decision be made by their own parents, guardians, or mentors?

Please post your opinion and response, Thank you! Emmett Cullen Breaking Twilight also known as Ildira Peterson

This was my response on how I feel personally about this news article as a parent of two young children myself?

I am quite disappointed with the American Library Association to target Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books as a general unease to supernatural stories. I as a parent of two feel is up to us to make the decision about what books our kids should read. Also I feel the Christian Community likes to teach the public about Faith & The Bible, but not about the reality of life. I as a Christian Adult Parent always teach my children what's right and wrong. Let's not be naive to a world where supernatural occurences happen everyday. We are taught at church about the most important story in our life ever GOD. But if you truly put a theory to this question: Why do we pray and worship GOD? When we have actually never had met him in person only through the teachings we raised upon our Religious Instructions at Church, Our Parents, Minister, Preacher, Pastor, Father, Brother, Sister and the most important one of all The Bible. Why is is okay to believe in the Supernatural being of our GOD without ever knowing him, but you can judge a book written about fiction? I believe as a parent Stephenie Meyer's has portrayed in her books the story about the challenge of Love amongst our Young children & Young Adults. I don't see her books as an encouragement to sex at all. I do see a story about the struggle our Teenagers, and young adults go through when their parents are divorced, peer pressure, depression, love, and knowing how to fit in a society that thinks you are too young to understand the problems of our grown up are going through. Let's not put a sheet over the facts of life towards our children. They already know the truth on their own. Who are we to judge what books are right for them to read when they see the reality of it all in their daily life or at home. Let's not use Stephenie Meyer's books as an escape to blame someone else for the troubles we as parents have put on our children. Let's begin to fight to teach our children about the reality and fiction part of life, than use religion to boycot books for your own self preservation. We should begin to decifer the words in the Bible before we can judge any fiction book written by an amazing writer. Yes, some of the Twilight books might seem adult content but let's face the facts people our kids know already or have experienced already what is written in these books with their own personal relationship experiences of their own. In which some of us as parents don't know about it because they have kept it secret from us. Why? Due to their parents strictness, religion, society, and peer pressure. So let's just ask ourselves a question are we hurting our own kids by not exposing them to the reality of life? I don't think so! I feel is up to us the parents to make the right decision for our kids on what they should read, not The American Library Association. Twilight is a book about the world of fiction. Let's do better in our choices of books. Is World War II, The Battle of Hiroshima, or the Realilty TV programs on TV okay for our kids education? let' be the judge of that and leave our science fiction, and supernatural books alone. We need to let our childrens imagination begin to explore the facts of life once again. Twilight is a story told about young Love and what would you do to achieve a Happy Ending. The battle Edward & Bella is facing against the Volturi's and the Newbloods is the battle they all face with reality, and this is one of the proof's about letting our kids make their own choices with their parent supervision guiding them not the public or politics. Ildira/Jedlander2001/Yadlender2007/Emmett Cullen Breaking Twilight

My response: (and b.t.w. da above writing iz in no way mine. itz from a friend's blog post and her name iz located rite above diz my response)

where can i start?? DIZ IZ RETARDED!!!!!!! how can a group of people be making da decision of what us kids wanna read???? i mean, Twilight iz not really only talking about sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, may i point out dat Bella didn't even have sex till she wuz 18? legally an adult i should say. besides, i think da people dat have read the Twilight series are very mature. i mean i'm 13 and i think da Twilight books are awesome!!!!! Stephenie didn't write these books just to shove sex in front of people's faces. i mean if we ask her, i think she'd say da same thing. she even has Bella point out key points about marriage. Bella says, along with her mother Renee, dat smart people don't get married straight out of high school. smart people take marriage seriously. and besides, how are some kids suppossed to express themselves without any imagination??? imagination iz sometimes da beautiful thing with kids. and yes. i, myself, am Christian and i do believe in God. sure i haven't met him and i haven't physically seen him but i do believe in him. i mean, why do they wanna get rid of Twilight? yes i noe it says dat Bella and Edward do have sex, but itz not like Stephenie described every little thing in detail. and da two most baddest words dat aren't even bad are crap and hell. i mean. . . if they think dat Breaking Dawn iz bad, i can't wait to see their faces when they see wut porn looks like. i myself have never watched porn. and i will never in a million years ever watch dat crap!!!!!! itz sick and disgusting and for desperate people who think they'll never find someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y don't they try to get rid of dat before they even consider getting rid of Twilight????? besides, how many vampire books or movies have only been about bloody gore???? i mean, Stephenie never wrote dat vampires are always killing every human they encounter or have vampires have sex with someone then kill her or have a whole bunch of blood that makes it so sick to even watch!! i've heard some of those movies!!!!!!! and vampire and werewolf legends have been around for how long now?? the 1600s?? 1400s??? if they're gonna get rid of Twilight they're gonna have to get rid of all da other books about diz topic. Twilight, in my opinion, iz not a bad influence on people. it just describes da life of a girl in love and living on da constant edge of danger and living in a mythical world. and Bella didn't need college becauze eventually she would go or she would just learn from Edward or Carlisle or whoever else. at dat moment she didn't need college to survive. i'm not saying everyone should quit or not go to colleges becauze they're filthy rich. itz just dat all da Cullens are very smart and she'll either learn from them or go to college when her eyes got better. and didn't Edward say dat da only reason he wuz known as a smarty-pants by Emmett iz becauze he had a bunch of free time to learn. and, can't they take into account how much drama there'll be if they say Twilight books will stop being sold?? how many riots there'll probably be with Twilight fans???? the Twilight Saga iz a purely amazing series and if some people wanna take it off da shelves, kiss my but!!!!!! y don't they just go bother somebody else??

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