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Ive had this feeling in the pit of my stomach.That its time for me to end my relationship with Jacob. I decided to call him over. He arrived all gitty and happy. He tried to hug me. I shoved him away. ''Woah , whats your malfunction?'' he asked. '' Can we talk in private?'' I asked walking outside. '' Whats on your mind?'' he asked. ''Well as you know im going off to college and well your just not coming with me and .... and I think its time for us to end.'' i said so fast i tripped on my words. '' I ... I dunno what to say? I think its time for us to end too. Ive had this feeling for a whole week now. I guess all thats left is goodbye.'' he said holdingout his hand. I shook it. '' Goodbye Jacob Black , and goodluck in life after me.'' i said. He jumped on his motorcycle ,  waved at me and zoomed away. I think a huge weight was lifted off both of us. I walked back into my huge pale blue , 3 story house , on the corner of Maple and Vine street in Melrose , NewHampshire. '' Im gonna miss this old house. I really am.'' I said walking into the livingroom. My parents were on the couch cuddling. I walked over and sat in between them. They hated when i did that. ''What are you doing?'' asked my father. ''Oh you know , ruining my parents moment for the lasttime. Cause well I'll be in California by tomorrow night.'' I said. They both hugged me tight. ''Cant breathe , Momma , Daddy let me go.'' i weezed. ''Sorry.'' my mother apologized . There was knock on the door. My father went to answer it. In walked all the vampire covens that helped save my life when I was a baby. '' Where's that wolf of yours?'' asked Tanya. '' We .. umm kinda brokeup.'' i told her. The whole room went silent. They all stared at me. '' Dear God. Its finally happened. I missed it.'' said Benjamin. '' Why did you end?'' asked Carmen. '' Their was no reason we just dumped eachother.'' I said. '' Thats just odd.'' said to my surprise Alistair. '' Alistair. Shouldnt you be still running. You know TheVolturi still want revenge. Now watch how fast he moves.'' he didnt move. '' Child , Ive conquered my fears. I've stopped running.'' he proudly. I followed his eyes to Tanya's face. '' I see why.'' i said to myself. I sat next to Tanya. I followed her eyes to Alistair's face. ''You like Alistair , dont you Tanya?'' '' No I dont. I just noticed how much he's changed since ... '' she trailed off. ''Since when?'' i asked. '' Whats Tanya's connection to Alistair?'' i asked Kate. '' I'll tell you. You see in 1934 June 1st a Friday. Today is the day Tanya and Alistair got married. They were married for about 5 years. Then Alistair disappeared. Tanya never gave up hope on finding him. Then when he didnt comeback ... on this day she wonders why she's still married to him and why he never even said he was sorry or why they never got a divorce.'' ''Aww thats sweet kinda sad and romantic in one.'' i sighed. ''Yeah , kid it was a dream. A dream thats still running.'' Tanya whispered. My adopted little brother Donovan came running in. ''Okay everybody i have a song for the best big sister in the whole wide world. Here it goes : My goody two shoes sister  the favorite of my father. Me im no bother just a little toddler now my goody two shoes sister is a blister on my tiny little foot. I hope college gives her the boot. Boy that be a hoot! Her own horn she love's to toot in her $200 dollar Gucci boots , but well im gonna miss'a my goody two shoes sister , the favorite of my father yeah she is such a bother but avast im gonna miss ya my one and only , favorite goody two shoes sister. I was boiling mad. He stood at my feet. '' Donny im going to kill you.'' i growled. '' So did you enjoy the song?'' he asked smiling. My father picked him up. '' Donny. That was not funny. You made your sister mad , very mad. Now apologize.'' he was stifling back laughs. ''Okay everybody go ahead and laugh. I have to admit he got one over on me.'' I said kinda laughing. For a 4 year old he was quite smart. He came back down stairs running towards me. '' Im gonna miss you Goody Goody i really am. And im sorry.'' he said latching onto my leg. ''C'mon Donny you can help me pack.'' i said putting him on my back and walking upstairs. He sat on my bed. '' Im gonna miss you. Im gonna miss you playing games with me , and you doing everything with me.'' he said starting to cry. I closed my suitcase. I sat in my favorite chair he crawled into my lap and fell asleep. I kissed his little forehead. He's someone I hold near and dear to my heart. I brought him to his room and tucked him in for the night. ''Goodbye.'' i whispered walking out of his little room.

That night as I layed in my bed for the last time I wondered what college had instore for me.

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Comment by Jordan Clement on February 17, 2011 at 6:56pm
lol, i loved it!!!!!
Comment by Lillian S. Cullen on February 14, 2011 at 3:13pm
Ikr! I just love when all the covens come together.

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