The Twilight Saga

nostalgia but grateful to have you

i always miss twilight

even though i checked the new updates(photos)

i checked it from time to time but....

but in the contrary the saga that brought my innocence in the adventurous journey of bella and edward in this world, will end this November maybe in theaters but not in my heart, it will always shine here like a new moon in the sun,a midnight sun,a twilight before the dawn breaks and the part of me(eclipse rise)-me being a moon whose going to cover my life and back again in a world where another opportunity to grab.

this book brought the new me in a world i can't believe that i can...

i mean being adventurous is not my forte but the fantasy that Meyer brought me is out of this world

so im really really grateful to read the twilight saga

   i wish i can meet Stephenie Meyer in real life.


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