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Theres nothing to do so bored...Why cant i learn to ride the skateboard...a good sk8board here cost sooo much, why cant my brothers help me...oh yeah!THEY DONT KNOW!!
I might get into Electric Guitar Lessons!!!Or maybe ordinary guitar(im not sure)...

Bella and Edward go better than PB+J, and PB+J is really good!<3
I love all twilight crazed fans out there!!! Oh, and for ppl who dont like twilight.. GET A LIFE!!!

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Comment by Cecelia on April 23, 2009 at 12:20pm
is there away to talk without the computer. i just want to get to know u better than online. u know by fone or something. i want to learn about all of my friends that i have. there r 27 friends that i have and i want to get to know each of them. how does that sound girl?

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