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Can I like... get banned here for bashing Twilight? New Moon=PHAIL.

Not so much of a failure as the first movie, but still PHAIL.

Anywhoo, back on my little rant. Did my other rant not get posted, 'cause I could've sworn I posted something during October or something? Bah, I could careless.


Oh my bejezus! FANFICTIONS. I don't know if it's you, or me, but fanfictions are no good these days. MANY are not on-character, usually going off directive, and WAAYYYY too much fluff. I mean, little bits of fluff is good, but seriously. Who wants to read a fic that's fluff all around the corners? And the OOC-ness, dear lord, please kill me. People, if you can't stay on-character, then it's not the character at all! MARY-SUE ALERT! I'm no writer, but I can notice what's a good story and what's not. And it depends about summaries, AND a good title! Well, sometimes not the title, but at least a good summary. Titles are really hard to make up. Seriously.


HYPOCRITES! I'm a hippocrite myself, but not to an extreme extent. All human beings are one, don't deny it. But I just can't stand those who are the extremities(made-up word to express my strong dislike-- hate's too strong), and ugh. Never mind.

Whoo, boy, I'm on a role tonight. Backstabbing, fiendish, lying friends. Everyone's ought to have one in their life sometimes. Yeah, I'm going through that phase where you find out one of your friends are up to no good. But I won't say much.

I'm just letting off the steam, and this ranting thing does help. No wonder people do it in LJ, LOL.

Urgh, I'm done. I know it wasn't much, but still, can't let too many people know about your life. ;D

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