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I'm sitting here in class, so I thought 'hey, I'll write a blog post"!

Since I can't go onto blogspot (it blocks it, but I'm not sure why twilight blogging is allowed), I would go here to write.

As you know, it's good friday also known as, "The Day To Not Go To School", so no one is here.

There were 5 kids in my first, 3 in my second, and 6 in this period. I think about 100 kids who went to school total. So you see, no one goes to school on good friday.

However, this is the best day to go to school for me. It's very calming and quiet and you practuically do nothing.

I watched G.I. Joe in Algebra.


Since this is the twilight saga, I might as well post something about twilight while I'm here.

Recently Stephenie Meyer has accounced a new book about the neborn vampire, Bree.

I'm glad for everyone out there, but I really did wish she wrote about a more interesting character (no, not Renesmee!).

And while I'm at it, I'm neither glad or dissapointed that Breaking Dawn will be split into two. Since there's no director, we won't even see either one for several years.

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Comment by Lily London on May 15, 2010 at 10:51pm
I'm prettysure that it will definatly come out next year, so they will HAVE to find a director soon.

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