The Twilight Saga

I asked myself what if bella had choosed jake?

chapter one what i never saw

I sliped off my converse and walked into the kictchen, to start dinner for charlie than I would be able to leave and go see edward. the thought of edward made me smile.

I finished making spagette and sett it on the table, I sat down and decided to start eating.

when was charlie going to get home I muttered under my breath, befor I knew it edward was right behind me "so did the human eat" he smirked I kissed him feeling his cold lips press agianist mine, bliss i thought as my memmory slowly disapreared I forgot everything.

" so what are you doing"

" ummm not much can we go to your house already?"

"okay fine.. but were is charlie"

I shuged " I think he is just working over time agian"

edward pulled me close " okay lets go" i walked next to him, and smiled up, he smiled back showing his perfectly white teeth. He is just so perfect, i smiled and got into his car and we drove off.

" so what is alice doing is she at the house?"

" no she went shoping for clothes agian, and I diddent tell her that you were coming but I am sure she has already saw you here"

I sighed " so your saying she might be here"

" bella you know alice"

" yeah probaly than"

the car stopped as I waited for edward to open my door but there wasent even enough time to think. I smiles at him as I fell into the pools filled of gold that I like to call his eyes, i went into my dream land agian.

I walked not even knowing were i was going edward as my leader pulling me along through life.
I saw alice there waiting for me.

" um hi alice" I tried to smile

"bella!" I felt her cold arms grasp around me

" so why diddent you tell me you were coming" she frowned

" um well " i shuged " I thought edward was going to"

edward shot me a look like really bella, I sighed.

" edward!" alice made her voice sound mad when she was smiling I laughed as alice hugged me agian.

" okay alice that is enough" edward voice took me into dream land agian.

" um okay.. bella wait here I got somthing for you"

" umm okay" alice returned carring a bag full of clothes

" here bella I got you some clothes"

I smiled knowing she was going to make me wear what ever she had bought for me. I took the bag and griped the handle with my hand.

" thanks alice" I said knowing if I wore the outfits she bought me it would bring happinus to her.

" come on bella you have to try them on" she grabed my hand and draged me upstairs, I shot edward a glance.

he looked back at me and I knew what he was saying he was saying it will make alice happy.

I went along with it, fine i thought.

I took the clothes out of the bag slowly and saw that alice got me a dress, i took a deep breath and shoved myself into it.

alice walked in slowly and smiled wide and bright at me.
" bella you looks so good in dresses"

I sighed agian " I dont like them" i whisper under my breath.

" I like it alice" and forced a smile onto my face. she smiled back at me and I felt warmth run though my body.

I got situated on the coach and edward pulled me ont on his lap.I played with his hair for a while as his cold lips pressed aginst my forhead.

" I love you bella"

" I love you too" I touched his his lips with mine and I felt bliss agian . he stared at me and I fell into the wonders of his liquid gold eyes.

esme walked in and smiled warmly.

"hi bella how are you?"

" hi esme I am good you"

" I am great bella"

I got up slowly and went and gave her a hug I felt her cold arms rap around me.

" so what are you two up too?"

" um not much" I replied

" okay bella but you have to try my new recipes"

" okay esme" I smiled back at her as she walked out of the room.

I kissed edward slowly and his eyes ment mine and I fell into the liquid gold pools of his eyes. my mind went blank and all I could think of was jacob.. thats not right what the hell..

my mind wondered for a few minutes till i came to a conclusion..... I missed jacob. I looked up at edward and took a deep breath, he stared at me knowing somthing was bothering me.

" should I ask bella"

" um no I dont think you should" he stared at me and told me with his eyes that he was really worried about me agian. but when wasent he, I sighed and another deep breath.

I thought about it alot in fact I couldent stop thinking about it.. when I closed my eyes all I could see is jacobs face. what was my problem.

"umm I have to go use the bathroom" I got up and he stared at me with a worried look still on his face. I closed the door tight and layed aginst the door slowly sliding down "god" I muttered to myself. I got up and washed my face looking deep into my eyes and all I saw was jacob. I could her alice standing outside of the door.

"bella you okay"

:" i am fine alice"

I walked out to find alice waiting for me, not a big surprize I thought.

" um bella I had a vision.. I saw you with jacob.."

"alice do we have to go though this agian were still friends jacob and I"

she stared at me giving me a look like your up to somthing agian. ha i must get that alot.
I walked next to alice it was silent for a minute.

"bella so what is on your mind"

" nothing I think" I frowned, I could tell that she knew I was thinking though somthing, but when do I not. edward was waiting for me I feel into his arms.

" esme made you some food is the human hungary?"

I looked down at my shoes " um sure" I wasent really hungary but I am sure that esme wanted to try some new recepite on me, I followed edward into the kictchen and got situated at the table as esme carried out a fancy plate of food.

" um wow esme thats alot" esme smiled warmly

" bella thanks for being my tester" I smiled at her.

" your welcome esme"

" so have you talked to your mom latley?"

I nodded " yess"

"so um how is she?"

" umm good just worried like always" I sighed agian.

esme set the plat down in front of me, and I picked around at the plate.

"so do you like it?" she smiled at me

" yeah its good" I picked around the plate for a while, till esme seemed satisfied. Edward saw that I was done and now bored.

" you wanna go for a walk bella?"

"um sure I guess"

he held my hand and I walked with him, every step felt light and eassy. he grabed my rist and pulled me toward him, his cold lips pressed aginst mine, I smiled.

" I love you" I muttered under my breath. he shot me a look and I knew what it ment.


"so what is really on your mind"

I looked down " um well just stuff like always"

"what type of stuff?"

"umm just school stuff" I lyed.

" what the matter bella" I looked at his face I saw that he was confussed.

" um just jacob.."

"I see bella.. you love him too I know we already went though this"

I sighed " I know"

" um we should get you back okay so charlie doesent get worried"

" umm okay" we walked back to the car as he opened my door for me. I stared out the window for a while, it was silent and awkard foe a while.

" i love you bella"

" I love you too " I muttered.

I got out of the car, and walked in charlie was sitting at the couch, were he should be I thought.

" hi bell"

" hi dad" I muttered, I walked up stairs and closed my door tight also closing my window so edward wont come. I took my phone out trying to decide if I should call jacob. I should I thought.

" jake you there?"


"yes.." I took a deep breath and bit my lip " so um how are you"

" I am good you bella?"

" um fine... confused agian though" I muttered.

" whats wrong bella?"

" umm well I just wanted to see you tomarrow or somthing I need to talk to you"

" umm okay bella.... tomarrow than"

I smiled " um okay.... so what are you up to jake?"

" not much.... worked on the bikes today for a while"

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Comment by Gina Rose on June 23, 2010 at 4:43pm
wow i love this. will u please continueee
Comment by Bella swan on December 28, 2009 at 9:00pm
I know about the alice cant see jacob but in order for my story to work I had to add that
Comment by julie torres on December 28, 2009 at 8:43pm
it was GOOD but you need to know alice can not see jacob
Comment by Bella swan on December 28, 2009 at 6:47pm
otah peoples I will keep going
Comment by Bella swan on December 28, 2009 at 6:43pm
tell me what you think of it *smiles* please

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