The Twilight Saga

I sat on the couch. She sat with me.

How could I have forgotten how love felt, how it was having a hand stroking your cheek, how could I forget what love was about?

I knew the answer to all that, and the answer was sitting next to me, she made me all this, she took all away, she left with my soul, and now she comes back telling me that she loves me, how can I dare to believe her.

I had.......anger.

I was furious, she took love, life, hopes away from me, and that is off my reach.

How could I express what I felt?

Vengeance was my option. Tearing her the things she lived will satisfy me.

"I love you," a tear rolled her eye, "Please, forgive me, from the depts of my heart, I ask of forgiveness, when I bit you, I knew a wall was building up, but I did this to save you."

"I don´t believe you anymore, you knew I was going with the Paralleliam Witch, she was going to transport me to other universes, to other world parallels, and because of you.....I hate you."

"Such a selfish old-vampire-magicien, too bad you love me."

She started crying, the tears were roling down her green eyes, "I thought we made a promise, do everything on our hands for us, but you see beig tha creature I am made me stronger, I don´t need you like I did."

Was I feeling love, was this awkard sensation close to love?

"I guess you´re not ready for nothing," she stood up, her beautiful eyes were sad and lonely. I was responsible for that, I had mend it.

She raised her hand up, made it a fist, and said, "I am running  away."

"From who?"

She breathed deeply, reached my lips and kissed them, I kissed her back,I wasn´t going to let her go.

She separated me away from her, "From something.."

she turned around and waved her hand in a very gracefull way, a light started to appear, and thena blackness fulfilled the lightness, she started fading away, I stood up, "No,no, don´t leave me, I need you, you´re my soul, Forgive me, I can´tlive withouth you, nooooooooooooooo."

She has blown me a kiss.

What ......?

Was she gone.......did dhe left me........?

This was my fault.

Tears  ran through my cheeks. I had to find her, but my princess.........

Was she......................


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