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Hey all my fellow Twilight friends, I have GREAT news today!! Official New Moon trailers are out!!!! ~Pauses for loud squealing girls~ Yes, you heard me chickadees, New Moon trailers!! I'm rummaging on my fave Cullen site, CullenBoysAnonymous and there they are!! OME!!! GO WATCH!!! The official ones will say just that or something about Summit, or begin with Summit. The best is the Volturi one and is by far, so far, the sexiest one yet!!! GO WATCH!!! THEN BLOG THE LUVES!!! I just watched the one with our beloved Peter, and I guarantee, you have got to watch it!!! OME!!! IT IS FRICKIN' HILARIOUS!!! OME!!! ~Snickers~ You have got to watch all the videos from that day with Edi, Peter, and Kellan!! YOU WILL BUST OUT LAUGHING!!!

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